Muscle-Building Workouts and Strength Workouts

Learn unique and powerful workouts for building muscle mass and strength. These workouts cover high-volume workouts for mass, specialization techniques for weak bodyparts, how to use overtraining to your advantage and much more.


Time/Volume Training for Mass and Strength

This unique training method is perfect for those who want to build muscle and strength in a logical and progressive fashion. There is no just perform the workouts and your body will tell you when to increase the weight based on your performance.



Single-Rep Antagonistic Time/Volume Training

This is an extremely effective way to build strength. You'll be performing single reps of antagonistic exercises for a set block of time. This gives you plenty of "practice" with relatively heavy weight, facilitating nervous system learning.



Antagonistic Time/Volume Training

Switch back and forth between antagonistic exercises using the Time-Volume framework. This is an excellent way to build muscle mass while losing fat.



Primary-Secondary Time/Volume Training

In this version of Time-Volume Training, you'll using two different exercises that utilize your "target" muscle as a primary mover and a secondary mover. This is like doing a giant pre-exhaust superset for your target muscle.









Mass-Targeting Specialization Program

This focused, 3-week program will help you make big gains in any specific target muscle group you want. You'll reduce training volume for everything else while strategically ramping up the workload for your target muscle.



Overtraining On Purpose For Building Muscle

Overtraining is not something to be feared. You can use it to your advantage to build muscle and strength like clockwork. This method uses your body's predictable reactions to overloading to help you make big gains.



How I Gained 25 Pounds in One Week

This is a lesson in how to set up massive gains in your body very quickly. I'll detail the exact training and eating strategies I used to gain 25 pounds of bodyweight in just 7 days.





Upside Down Training For Muscle

Sometimes your smaller muscles just need a little more volume than they're getting. This training style flips the script, working your small muscles FIRST.





Training While Traveling - Road Warrior Workout

Don't stop training just because you don't have access to a "real" gym. These simple exercises will allow you to get a great workout with nothing more than your luggage and common items you'll find in every hotel room.



How to Build Muscle With 100 Rep Sets

Extremely high rep training has a place in a muscle-building program. Learn what exactly high-rep training can do for you and it's necessary if you want to maximize your muscle mass.



6-Part Drop-Set for Chin-Ups

If you want to build muscle strength in your back, nothing beats chin-ups. This 6-part intensity technique will ensure you hit EVERY muscle fiber in your entire upper back.



The Best Workout For Massive Triceps

If you want big arms, you need to build your triceps. This workout uses Positions of Flexion style training to maximize tension and workload on the triceps for serious growth.



Exponential Drop Sets

Challenge every single muscle fiber type you've got in one monster set. This technique moves from raw power to hardcore endurance, all in one extended set.



How to Do Your First Chin-Up

If you've ever had the goal of performing your first chin-up, this is for you. I'll take you step-by-step through developing the specific strength you need to get that chin over the bar.







How to Build Wider Hips

It IS possible to widen the hips with exercise, as long as you know the right ways to do it. These methods will help you develop the wider hips you want.



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