Fitness Humor

This section is dedicated to giving you a laugh about exercise. You will see that exercise and self-improvement doesn't always have to be a serious undertaking...

Fitness Jokes and Stories


Pizza, French Fries, Beer and Other Diet Foods...
Funny Fitness Memes and Pictures
19 of the Stupidest Exercises I've Ever Seen
Diary of a Trainee
Resistance Training With Your Dog
Stupid Gym Rules...Don't Blow Your Nose In The Water Fountain
Tenderizing Meat And Other Uses For Home Exercise Equipment
Cracked Up Glossary of Common Gym Slang
Top 10 Holiday Weight GAIN Strategies
The Absolute Worst, Most Incredibly Terrible Workout I've Ever Witnessed In My Entire Life
Another of the Worst, Most Horrifying Workouts I've Ever Witnessed
11 Things You Can Do In The Gym To Mess With People's Minds
The Great Big List of Calorie-Free Foods
Bodybuilding Supplements That Never Made It Past The Drawing Board
You Know You're a Dedicated Trainer When...
The Ten Worst Pieces of Training Equipment I've Ever Used
Defective Repetitions - Do Any of These Styles Describe You?
Health, Fitness and Nutrition RANTS
The Complete Gym Personality Guide
A Bitingly Sarcastic Look at Useless Supplements and Worthless Training Equipment
Corn Dogs, Cheeseburgers, Custard and Other Diet Foods...
Bodybuilding Products That SHOULD Be Invented
Fat-Loss Recipe Horror Stories
Your Funniest Workout Stories
20 New Years Weight Loss Resolution Fails
Points to Ponder
Old Fashioned Arm and Shoulder Workout
Stupid Sports Quotes
The Truth About Eating Fat and Heart Attacks


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