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Muscle and Strength Workouts

Get unique and powerful free workouts for building muscle mass and strength. These workouts cover high-volume workouts for mass, specialization techniques for weak bodyparts, how to use overtraining to your advantage and much more.



Training Techniques for Mass

Incorporate these training methods into your workouts and get better results in your muscle-building programs. These techniques include negatives, triple add sets, stretch-loading, partial training, supersets and more.



Eating and Nutrition for Muscle Growth

Proper nutrition for muscle growth can be an extremely confusing topic, especially when you're first starting out. Learn how much you need to eat and what you need to eat for building muscle and strength.



Tips, Tricks and Articles for Building Muscle

Get tips, tricks and information on how to build muscle and strength from a variety of professional fitness and bodybuilding authors. This section covers, training, eating, programming, exercise technique, and much more.



Muscle and Strength Questions and Answers

Have specific questions on building muscle and gaining strength that you want to find the answer to? We may already have the answer for you. Learn about exercise technique, programs, cardio, nutrition, supplements, and more.



Muscle-Building Supplement Guide

Find out which supplements are effective for building muscle and gaining strength and which supplements are a waste of time and money. Learn how to best use supplements to get the most bang for your buck so you achieve real results in the gym.



Training Equipment Reviews

Get the facts on a variety of unique pieces of weight training equipment. Learn if they're worth buying or if you can do without them. This covers everything from sledgehammers to specialty barbells to grip assistance products, and much more.



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