Training Techniques for Building Mass

Incorporate these training methods into your workouts and get better results in your muscle-building programs. These techniques include negatives, triple add sets, stretch-loading, partial training, supersets and more.




Intensity Techniques for Mass and Strength

For maximum results, sometimes normal training isn't enough and you need to push yourself further and harder. These intensity techniques will push your muscles to their limit.



The Benefits of Partial-Range Training

Partial training is an incredibly valuable training technique when used for the right purposes. It can be used to develop connective tissue strength, strength in specific ranges of motion and high-threshold nervous system activation.



High-Rep Partial-Range Training for Muscle Mass

Partials can be very effective for building muscle mass, when you make up for the reduced range of motion with increased time under tension via higher rep ranges. Learn the best way to do it here.



How to Use High Reps to Build Muscle

There's more to building mass than just lifting heavy weights for a few reps. High rep training can be extremely effective, when used properly. It targets the underlying physiology of the muscle tissue to set the stage for greater growth.





Antagonistic In-Set Superset for Back and Chest

This technique flows between two exercises for back and chest that share the same start position. You'll alternate reps of each, taking advantage of the effect of antagonistic training on the nervous system for increasing strength within a set.



Countdown Alternating Sets for Legs

If you want to build bigger, stronger legs, you need to push them hard. This alternating technique will maximize the workload on the legs, pushing them to their limits.





How to Train for Muscle Fiber Hyperplasia

Muscle fiber hyperplasia is the Holy Grail of bodybuilding. This means splitting the muscle fibers so you have more muscle to work with to build via hypertrophy. Is it possible in humans? And if so, will this training protocol do it?







How to Do Negative Training Without a Spotter

Eccentric training is very beneficial for building strength and mass, but many forms of it require a spotter to help you do the concentric portion. These methods will allow you to do negatives on your own and get all the same benefits.





Range-of-Motion Triple Add Sets for Shoulders

This unique method of targeting all your major muscle fibers types in one set can be applied without every changing the weight...just the range of motion. Your shoulders will LOVE this method as it addresses different strength levels at different points in the range of motion.



Unbalanced Barbell Loading

Your body is designed to deal with uneven loading. Rarely do you have balanced loads in nature. Unbalance your loads on purpose and develop more strength and achieve greater muscle activation.



How to Warm Up for a One-Rep Max Deadlift

There is a fine line between warming up enough and warming up too much. This template for warming up for a one-rep max will help you to maximize your true strength without fatiguing yourself with warm-up sets.





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