Training Techniques for Fat Loss

Learn powerful fat-loss training techniques that you can incorporate into your workouts. These methods will help you target stubborn bodyfat while maintaining your muscle mass.


Alternating Arm Kettlebell Swings for Fat Loss

The kettlebell swing is one of the best exercises you can do for your entire body. This method allows you take this great exercise and perform it for fat loss by working via interval training.



Dumbbell Swing Drop Sets

This drop set method will work your entire body hard. You'll need a few dumbbells, pre-set so that as you fatigue, you can reduce the weight and keep going.





How to Improvise Your Own Rowing Machine

Learn the two simple pieces of equipment you need to make your own very effective rowing machine. Don't buy a big standalone machine until you try this out for a fraction of the price.



Power-Start Lactic Acid Training

This training method will make you feel the burn. It's designed to kick out maximum Lactic Acid, which causes your body to secrete fat-burning hormones in response.



Power-Start Lactic Acid Training for Legs

This is a leg-focused version of Power Start Lactic Acid Training. The specific exercise used in this method will put the majority of the focus on the quads, while minimizing lower back and glute involvement.





Superset of In-Set Supersets for Chest and Back

This "double" superset is perfect for targeting the big muscles of the upper body in your chest and back. You'll be doing a lot of work in a very short period of time, cranking up your metabolism.



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