Anchoring Yourself For Lying Cable Tricep Extensions

In doing lying cable tricep extensions on the low pulley, when you start to use fairly heavy weight, your body may have a tendency to slide towards the weight stack as the weight is pulling your body strongly backwards.

To use more weight without sliding (this technique is best done on a cable crossover machine), hook a hip belt or straight bar to the other low pulley and set the maximum weight on the pulley.

Anchoring Yourself For Lying Cable Tricep Extensions

Hook your heels inside the belt or over the bar and contract the hamstrings to act as an anchor.

Anchoring Yourself For Lying Cable Tricep Extensions

With your body anchored like this, you will be able to use MUCH more weight without sliding. You can also use a straight bar attachment instead of a hip belt, if you don't have access to one.

Anchoring Yourself For Lying Cable Tricep Extensions

Learn how to perform Unstable Bar Bodyweight Tricep Extensions here.



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