How to Train to Move Like a Supple Leopard matter what your current age.

And I'm talking about smooth, pain-free almost graceful when you were a kid or a teenager and you could run and jump and do things like it was nothing.

How to Train to Move Like a Supple Leopard


I'm going to tell you the SHORTCUTS on how to get back to moving free and easy like you were a kid again...

As we get older, our movements get stiffer...unless we do something about it. We take movement for granted but it really IS a case of "use it or lose it."

You've seen it in other people as they age, and you've probably also noticed it in yourself to some degree, especially if you're over 40, 50, 60, and 70+.

Yet it doesn't HAVE to be that way...

Heck, you've probably seen videos of martials artists in their 80's and 90's moving like a supple leopard.

It's amazing to see and it tells you that it CAN be just need to know how to do it.

Yoga...qigong...tai chi...zhan zhuang (standing meditation) all of these activities can help you move better.


Enter: Shadow Strength

I talked about this program the other day...and if you find that your movements are getting stiffer and more painful as you get older this is something you'll absolutely want to check out.

This is a program created by a friend and colleague of mind, Jon Haas. Jon is a 9th Dan black belt. He's been LIVING this stuff for more than 30 years.

His program takes the best of all the different modalities he's studied in that time...everything from ancient wisdom to cutting-edge research on fascia and movement...and distills it into an easy-to-follow format that can be done in just 17 minutes a day, with nothing more than a broomstick.

Yep, 17 MINUTES a day and you can be moving like a teenager again.


Module 1 - Breathing

You’ve been “breathing wrong” since you were a child.

Babies are the only humans on the planet that breathe how they’re supposed to… by inhaling into their bellies and not their chest.

And once you retrain yourself to get back to “primitive breathing”, you’ll feel like a whole new person.

The first key to unlocking a healthier body and life has nothing to do with exercise.

In fact, you hardly even need to move a muscle to get stronger, more energized and happier… All you need to do is breathe.

And if you follow the tips in this module, you’ll breathe belly fat, age, and even inflammation off your body…


Module 2 - Martial Mobility for Tendon Strength

Martial artists are known for being incredibly flexible, strong, and even dangerous because they know how to use every ounce of force within their bodies...

... and transfer that force into any movement...whether it’s throwing a punch, doing a pull-up, doing the splits, and more.

Inside the Marial Mobility For Tendon Strength Module, you’ll unlock strength where it matters most... in the tendons.

Most exercise programs focus solely on building strength in the muscle...however, if you want to achieve your best physical health, you also need to get stronger in the connective tissue as well.

This one is something I can personally vouch for. I do a lot of connective tissue-focused training because it WORKS. Connective tissue transfers the force between muscles and bone...without strength in that, it becomes a weak link and you get injured, especially as you get older.

Connective tissue training is CRITICAL for moving better.


Module 3 - Primal Postures for Health and Strength

The way you stand today could be the difference between adding 3, 5... even 10 years of your life and health. or subtracting it.

Which is why it’s crucial that you spend time practicing important posture hacks that’ll help you look 2 inches taller and feel years younger.

See, most people think “bad posture” is just something that happens to you.

The truth is, you have complete control over how you stand, sit and stretch…

Your entire physical and mental outlook can be changed by how you stand and sit. When you're depressed and tired, you hunch and slouch. When you're happy and feeling good, you stand up straight.

TRAIN yourself to keep the ideal position and your mood and energy will follow.


The Bottom Line:

You don't need to accept stiff, painful movement as a fact of getting older.

You really don't.

I don't want you to.

Especially when with the right training (which is NOT hard, expensive or time-consuming), you can be moving free and easy again.

Learn more about Shadow Strength here and discover the shortcuts to better, easier movement.




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