High Frequency Training For Building Muscle

By Nick Nilsson
Author of Muscle Explosion - 28 Days to Maximum Mass


Right off the bat, let me tell you I'm a HUGE fan of more frequent training. Some of the best results I've gotten with muscle and strength have come as the result of training very frequently.


Now I want to explain WHY high-frequency training is so effective...(and I'll keep it to very broad concepts here rather than getting into the physiology).

When you train your muscles, they get broken down to some degree.

That degree depends on a number of factors, including training volume, intensity of the weight relative to your max, eccentric loading, and how novel the stimulus was (meaning if you're using an exercise you've never done before, you'll most likely increase the amount of muscle breakdown).

Most standard bodybuilding programs tend to focus on breaking the muscle down a lot, then giving it plenty of time to recover and grow before working it again. This generally means working a particular muscle once or twice a week.

Now, in order to get results like that, you have to really beat down your muscles (especially training them once a week). It means a lot of volume, higher intensity and a lot more exercises.

High Frequency Training For Building Muscle

It also means that your body has to RECOVER from that beat down before it can begin to grow beyond where it was before. That takes a lot of energy and when you've really made serious inroads into your recovery, it can take awhile.


This is like taking one big step backwards in the hopes of taking two steps forward, ending up ahead of where you were.

Now, the idea behind high-frequency training is to minimize that initial beat down so you don't compromise recovery very much...must enough to get a training effect. You take a small step backward and this results in two small steps forward.

Doesn't sound too exciting yet, right?

The power lies in that increased FREQUENCY of training...

Instead of taking only one or two steps backward and forward a week, you're taking a LOT of smaller steps backward and forward. You're not beating your body down as much so you feel better and you gain strength and muscle faster.


Your body can focus on BUILDING rather than just recovering.

This is literally one of THE most exciting concepts I can imagine when it comes to training!

Forget the idea that a muscle takes "X" amount of time to recover and rebuild itself. That might happen in the lab, but in the real world where the rubber hits the road, frequent training has developed some of the most stunning physiques on the planet (think top-level gymnasts and Olympic weightlifters).

And to me, it's one of the real "secrets" of training and one you should be absolutely taking advantage of.

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