How Can I Improve My Forearm and Finger Strength?


What's a good way to improve my forearm and finger strength? I like to do martial arts and I need a stronger grip AND I want to have stronger fingers, too.


Working the muscles of the forearms can have a great effect on your overall training. Increasing grip strength means you can hold heavier weight and hold onto it for longer.

How Can I Improve My Forearm and Finger Strength?

The most popular direct forearm exercise is the Wrist Curl.

  • While this is a very good exercise, it not often done in the most effective fashion.
  • Many trainers are taught to unroll their fingers at the bottom part of the rep in order to work the muscles of the fingers and hands.
  • While this does accomplish that, you will limit the stimulation you give your forearm muscles as your hand muscles are weaker and will give out before your forearms are completely worked.
  • To accomplish both goals, work the forearms to exhaustion without doing the finger rolls.
  • Once the forearms are done, go into finger rolls only. This will work the hands and fingers more effectively and has the added bonus of stretching out the forearms.

The leaning wrist curl is also an excellent forearm exercise.



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