How to Burn ONLY Stomach Fat


By Nick Nilsson
Author of Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss


To perform this technique, you're going to need a roll of duct tape, 3 double cheeseburgers, a set of jumper cables and a housecat...

Ok, you're going to hate me for this...

The truth is there IS no top-secret technique for spot reducing and burning only the fat from your stomach. I made that headline up in hopes that you would at least read far enough into this article to learn the TRUTH about how your body burns fat and WHERE it burns fat from (and I'll try to keep it entertaining so you actually want to read the whole thing).

And honestly, this type of question is one of THE most frequently asked questions I've gotten in all the years I've been answering questions online...


"How do I burn fat from just my stomach...or [insert area here]?"

Bottom line is, you can't. And even those stupid creams and lotions won't do it (one of these days I swear I'm going to get one of those creams and put it only on the left side of my abs and not the right and see what happens...I'm sure I'll have a ripped 3 pack within days).

To lose fat from any one specific place in your body, you're going to have to lose it from EVERYWHERE ELSE, too. There's really no getting around it.

How to Burn ONLY Stomach Fat

I like to use the analogy of a swimming pool...

When you're filling up a swimming pool (the pool is your total amount of body fat), the deep end fills up first, right? Then the shallow end fills up as the water level rises.

Generally speaking, the deep end can be compared to the areas where you put on fat FIRST. The shallow end is where you put on fat LAST.

When you go to lose fat, look at the swimming pool again...when you drain the swimming pool, you can't drain water from just the deep end! It drains from the whole pool at once...the shallow end shows it first, THEN the deep end last.

So basically (and fairly depressingly!), the fat you want to get rid of FIRST is the fat that's going to come off pretty much LAST. To burn just stomach fat (or thigh fat or back fat), you'd have to figure out a way to defeat the entire system your body uses to store fat.

Sticking a vacuum into your belly with surgery is one way to do it - taking useless pills like Acai Berry definitely WON'T do it, no matter how many "simple rules" you follow (in that case, the simple rule is "give us all your money so you can't afford food anymore" - I guess that one actually WILL work).


And that's not even all your options for losing stomach fat...

1. Starvation dieting - this is THE best way to lose weight...of course, it'll be mostly muscle, which will send your metabolism into a nosedive, which will make it harder to continue to lose weight, which will make it easier to REGAIN weight, which will keep that lovely stomach fat firmly where you left it, even though the precious scale shows a smaller number...oops, somebody changed the calibration on actually weigh more now...never mind.

2. Diet pills - pretty much all of these will work for you, especially the ones that say you can eat anything you want and still lose weight (just make sure you're never more than 15 feet from a bathroom). You know the manufacturers are only interested in your success and well-being, after all! And don't forget, the heart is a muscle and the faster it goes, the more calories you burn, right! Who wouldn't want to have their heart-rate up in the "training zone" while they're about efficiency!

3. High Impact Aerobics For Beginners - the good news is, soft tissue injuries require a LOT of calories to heal up, so bust out those Step Tae Bosu Dance tapes and go nuts.


Okay, let's move on to some of the more "radical, unproven" stuff...

1. Eating natural, wholesome foods - what a crock! The only thing anybody has ever lost from eating this garbage is fat. Oh wait...

2. Weight training - even more useless than good nutrition, weight training is something to stay away from. All it will do is build muscle and increase your metabolism. Total B.S. Same with interval's the worst.

3. Supplementing with multivitamins, minerals, fish oil and protein - I know...I can't make this stuff up! Some people actually USE these things to support their nutrition while eating natural foods and training with weights for fat loss. I guess their quack doctors wouldn't write out a prescription for Orlistat or Xenical or Gottapoopital.

So bottom line, fat loss isn't rocket science...just don't eat anything, take a lot of pills and thrash around for hours on end until you hurt yourself.





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