Bone Broth Diet: Everything you Need to Know

By Krisna Garcia

Bone broth is a tasty and nutritious liquid made by brewing bones and connective tissues from chicken, fish bones, or even from cows.

Usually, the bones are boiled with a dash of vinegar so that the nutrients from the marrow within the bones will be further released, and the remaining tissues attached to the bone will melt into the water. There are so many benefits found in bone broth and all of them promote good health.

It is perfect for dieting due to its proven track record of helping people lose weight and the fact that there is an incredible amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals packed into a delicious and easy to digest liquid. You can also cook with bone broth to add flavor and nutrition to your meals. Here’s everything you need to know about the bone broth diet

Drink the Broth 

It is necessary that you drink bone broth during the bone broth diet and quite a bit of it. 32 ounces is the recommended amount to consume daily and they usually come in 16 ounce packages so you can grab and go.

If 16 ounces is too much all at once you can do half a pouch at a time just make sure to drink the two pouches a day. You might think that broth is a weird thing to drink on its own but it’s really good! You can season it to your liking so it goes down easy. 


If you are attempting to do the bone broth diet you may have some ideas on other healthy foods you’ll be eating along with the broth itself. You can incorporate bone broth into so many already amazing recipes and make them so much better.

The options are endless when it comes to cooking with bone broth and there are so many great recipes you can find online that are super healthy and delicious. You can also add or swap out certain ingredients with bone broth to receive maximum nutritional benefits through your meals. 

What to Eat 

With any diet it is important to have a consistent stream of nutrients and to consume foods that provide clean energy in an efficient manner. Ideally everything you eat should be organic and responsibly raised. This is a key factor to make sure that you are getting the maximum amount of nutrients and energy out of what you consume.

In the morning it is recommended to make blended beverages with the bone broth and you can find some amazing recipes online.  Salads are a go to for lunch with lots of greens, clean protein, some fruit and a light dressing.

At the end of the day, drinking more bone broth is all you need because in between these three meals it is ideal to have some small snacks throughout the day as well.  

What Not to Eat

There are a few foods to avoid while on the bone broth diet. You want to stay away from all dairy including milk, yogurt and butter with the exception of ghee. Absolutely no processed or artificial sugars that are found in things like soda, candy, and some packaged meals.

No processed meats or cured meats that contain nitrites, sweeteners or gluten. No grains or wheat including bread, quinoa, brown and white rice, and corn. The last thing, it is recommended to not consume alcohol while attempting the bone broth diet. 

Health Benefits 

Perhaps the best thing about bone broth is the amazing health benefits that you can receive by implementing it into your daily nutrition. The benefits bone broth provides are both visible and internal. Internally, improved digestion and a healthy gut, lubricated joints, immunity boost, and an improvement in mood and cognition are a few of  the benefits people experience.

External benefits include weight loss, youthful skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails. The bone broth diet will definitely have you feeling and looking better. All of these benefits and an amazing diet plan is all at your fingertips, now all you have to do is try it out. 


Bone broth has incredible healing properties that skyrockets your health to the next level.

It has the ability to fill your belly without adding many calories. This alone allows you to sip to your soul’s desire throughout the week without sweat. Bone Broth is known for its ability to detoxify your liver and help rid your body of toxins. It simultaneously adds collagen to your skin, allowing your face to stay youthful. Most importantly, bone broth heals and seals your gut.

If you have ever spilled bone broth, you know that it is incredibly sticky just like glue. This sticky broth acts the same way in your gut and increases absorption of nutrients while also creating the perfect environment for your gut flora (the bacteria in your gut offering a mutualistic relationship and have the ability to change based on diet). Because bone broth is naturally anti-inflammatory, you are able to shed weight with regular consumption.


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