How Hugh Jackman Got Wolverine Abs - Hollywood Abs Review

One of the most impressive 6-pack transformations I’ve seen in Hollywood was Hugh Jackman for his role in Wolverine.

You can tell he didn't rely on CGI...he showed up in incredible shape.

How Hugh Jackman got WOLVERINE abs

The transformation from the original X-Men movie to the movie, Logan, is incredible.  

His abs in particular are awesome.

His dirty little secret to get 6-pack abs involved his diet.

You see, Jackman used Intermittent Fasting to help shed the unwanted belly-fat to get ripped for the movie, Wolverine.

He would skip breakfast and train his abs while fasted.

I understand there is often a lot of controversy about training fasted, specifically worrying about losing muscle mass. That CAN be a valid concern for some people, however, in my experience (which includes training after a full 24 hours of fasting), it's not been a big issue for me.

I used to be very hesitant to train I actually prefer it for fat loss.

Here's MY "Wolverine" look... ;)

Need to work on the claws...

But you can’t just skip breakfast, workout, and expect to get a 6-pack.

There's a lot more to it than that...

...and the best part is, it only takes 10-minutes per day and it's done with ZERO equipment.

Here's how you do it...


3 Scientific Secrets to Getting a Six-Pack FAST

Though I do have some thoughts about #2 on this...(you'll see).

This info was sent over to me by Jason Maxwell, creator of the Hollywood Abs system that I talked about above and I thought most of it was right on the money.


Science Secret #1: Fasted Cardio

If you train fasted, you will burn more fat than if you train after eating. This graph shows this nicely:

CC stands for Carbs/Carbs
PC stands for Placebo/Carbs
CP stands for Carbs/Placebo
PP stands for Placebo/Placebo


CC had carbs 30 minutes before and during exercise; PC had a placebo drink 30 minutes before and carbs during exercise; CP had carbs 30 minutes before and a placebo drink during exercise; and PP received a placebo drink both before and during exercise (this was the fasted group).

And as you can see, PP burned the most fat throughout the entire workout.

Hollywood Abs uses fasted cardio so that you can burn fat as quickly as possible.


My Thoughts

I completely agree with this. By training in a fasted state, you ensure that insulin levels are flat. Insulin, being storage hormone, directly opposes the fat releasing and burning process. Instead of burning recently-ingested carbs for fuel while you're training, your body relies more on stored fat.


Science Secret #2: Spot Reduction

In recent years, Danish Scientists discovered that you can spot reduce specific areas of your body.

Basically, it means that you can target your abdominal fat and lose belly fat faster.  In the research study, they proved that if you strength train the area that you want to spot reduce (for example, your belly fat), and then follow that session with specific cardio protocols, then you will burn fat from that target area.

Hollywood Abs uses this science to target belly fat to reveal shredded abs.


My Thoughts

I've looked at that study and while it IS technically true (increased blood flow, catecholamine release and heat where the target muscle is being worked does result in increased fat release from fat cells by the working muscle), I question exactly how significant of an impact this will have on how much fat is actually burned from that area.

In other words, it may work...but how much will it matter? And how much work is needed to achieve those effects?

So take this one with a grain of salt.


Science Secret #3: Ab Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth)

The abdominal muscles are like any other muscle in the body.  Your abs need progressive overload to grow.

You can increase the size of your abs if you train them with enough stimulus to grow.  Once they grow, they will “pop” out of your midsection more, making them more visible as you get leaner.

Hollywood Abs uses Ab Hypertrophy so that your abs “pop” and your 6-pack is more impressive.


My Thoughts

This is actually something I've been talking about for like 25 years's completely true. You NEED to use resistance in your ab work to really get the six-pack abs to pop.

Resistance will help develop and grow the "packs" of your six-pack...the rest of it consists of connective tissue that actually CAN'T grow.

The better developed your six-pack abs are, the sooner you'll see them as you lean out. In other words, you can be fatter and still have a six-pack (though that's probably not the best way to think of it ;).


The bottom line is this...

I've read through the Hollywood Abs program. It's very well put together.

And even though I'm not fully on board with the spot reduction thing, the rest of the program is extremely effective and will absolutely get you a set of six-pack abs.

Basically, the protocol used in the program for spot reduction is going to help you lose fat overall, so even if the actual spot reduction is minimal, the overall bodyfat reduction you get with this program will more than make up for it.

So if you want a six-pack for summer, get your Hollywood Abs here.



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