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How to Get 6 Pounds of FREE Protein Powder



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How to Get 6 Pounds of FREE Protein Powder

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By Nick Nilsson

And yes, just so you know up front, I did have to buy the first 8 lbs of the protein powder in order to get the OTHER 6 lbs free.

Keep reading though, because that being said, it's still a GREAT deal on some extremely high quality protein.

The protein is Biotrust Low-Carb and in the last 6 months it's literally become my favorite protein supplement (more on that below).

First, here's how to get your free protein...

Click here and get the "Buy 4, Get 2 Free" deal at the bottom of the page (there's a buy 2, get 1 free option as well), then in the checkout process, you'll see another offer where you can "Buy 3
and Get 3 Free

Take that and you've just gotten a total of 14.4 lbs of protein, 6 lbs of it being free (each jug is 1.2 lbs), essentially getting each jug at 42% off what you'd normally pay for a single jug.

Biotrust Low-Carb

Fair warning, this protein is not cheap. But it's EXREMELY high quality and, in my mind, well worth the price, especially when you get the "free deals" added in.

This stuff has actually caused me to change my tune on exactly what level/quality of protein supplement a person should use.

I'll explain...

I used to buy moderate-quality protein supplements...I won't name names (EAS, Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition...ok, I guess I just did), believing that the important thing was just getting enough overall protein quantity into the system to support muscle growth.

However, when I started using a sample of the Biotrust protein (generously given to me by Josh and Joel...good friends of mine and founders of Biotrust), I noticed a big difference immediately.

1. You Don't Have to Take As Much Of It

Because of the extremely high-quality and the digestive enzymes included in the protein itself, the protein was digesting better and I didn't feel I needed as much of it to get the results I wanted. And yeah, it's always nice to not get that bloated feeling after drinking a protein shake.

A higher-quality protein means you don't have to ingest as much of it. And for me, I like to concentrate on food sources of protein anyway...the supplements are used only at specific times of day (like post-workout) when I want easier absorption. So even the smaller-sized jugs last me awhile.

2. The #1 Ingredient is Micellar Casein

The other important thing that I noted was that the main ingredient is micellar casein and NOT actually whey protein (whey is second). Let me tell you why that's good.

Whey is a "fast" gets digested very quickly and, while it is very high quality, also leaves the body very quickly. Casein is a "slow" protein. It gets digested more slowly and provides more a sustained protein source for the body. There's no big flood of protein and then dip/crash, as you get with straight-up whey.

And Micellar Casein itself is the pinnacle of quality for casein.

[Side Note on Supplement Industry Dirt...if you've been training awhile and you're familiar with the early of years of Met-Rx protein when it was revolutionary for the results a person could get with it, it used to be made from micellar casein. It's a very expensive ingredient, though, and when copycat products started coming out, Met-Rx had to water down the formula to compete. Biotrust uses micellar casein as the primary protein source, which is the reason the protein is more expensive than many other brands out there.]

3. It Tastes GREAT (it passed the "wife taste test").

For me, I can choke down just about anything if I know it's going to help me build muscle or lose fat. For my wife, Kelly, it's gotta taste good, too since she puts it on her cereal in the morning.

And this Biotrust protein not only passed the test, if we start to run low on it, I get a not-so-subtle reminder from her to order more (she'll kill me if she reads this ;).

4. I Know The Guy Who Created The Formula

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet the guy who creates all the Biotrust product formulas. And let me tell you, this guy is S-M-A-R-T. He's one of the best in the supplement business when it comes to product formulation.

The coolest thing, however, was when he told me that working with Biotrust was a supplement formulators dream. They gave him FREE REIGN to create the absolute best supplements "proprietary formulas" that include very little of the active ingredients you're paying for, no fillers, no garbage...nothing like that at all.

The Bottom Line...

When it comes to supplements, I'm of the opinion that there's a reason they're called "supplements"...their purpose is to SUPPLEMENT your nutrition and support your training, not drive the results.

In other words, no supplement is going to do the hard work for you.

Do you need them? Nope.

Can you get better results using them? Absolutely, especially when they're proven, are top-quality and are used for the right purpose.

Biotrust Low-Carb protein fits the bill...Get yours here now...

BioTrust Protein


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