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Are Digestive Enzymes the Key Supplement That's Missing From Your Fat-Loss or Muscle-Building Plan?



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Are Digestive Enzymes the Key Supplement That's Missing From Your Fat-Loss or Muscle-Building Plan?

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By Nick Nilsson

For me, it's VERY rare that I'll add a new supplement into my takes a special supplement for me to do that. I've got things pretty well nailed down in terms of what works for me and what doesn't.

Keeping THAT in mind, I just ordered 6 bottles of this stuff so I don't run out of it.

So what is this amazing supplement?

It's the humble digestive enzyme...

(hey, I never said it was fancy :).

Here's the deal...I started using enzymes in earnest a few months ago, basically testing them out to see if they would make a difference in nutrient absorption and digestion (which is critical both in fat-loss and in muscle-building).

The enzymes were the only new supplement I put into the mix because if you're going to do a TRUE test of effectiveness, you have to add only one thing in at a time to really gauge it's effectiveness.

And now after a few months, I feel confident that this digestive enzyme supplement HAS made a big difference for me in terms of fat-loss and muscle-building.

I find that my meals digest better (and faster) and I feel more energetic. I don't have a bloated feeling after eating (unless I stuff myself silly with a cheat meal, of course ;).

Digestive enzymes for fat loss and muscle

Click here to to see the exact digestive enzyme product I've been using...

Now, the reason digestive enzymes are so important (and the initial reason I tried them) is that as you get older, you gradually LOSE your digestive enzyme production capacity...your body simply can't make as much as it used to.

That's why teenagers can eat constantly and always be hungry...they have a faster metabolism, sure, but they have a massive digestive enzyme production capacity as well.

And I'll be honest with you...I think this is one of the primary reasons people lose muscle mass as they get older, beyond just reduced activity and hormone production. Their bodies simply aren't getting the nutrients they need to repair and maintain muscle and health because their enzyme production has dropped so much.

You can eat all the food you want, but if the nutrients are not getting absorbed (especially the vitamins and minerals), you might as well be just tossing it in the garbage.

That's where digestive enzyme supplements come in...

I've found them to be a great SUPPORT supplement...meaning that it doesn't actively cause anything to happen in your body. It just supports proper digestive function and nutrient absorption, which helps your body perform at it's best.

The one I'm currently using is from BioTrust. I've actually known the owners and lead product formulator personally for years. Not cheap but you DO get what you pay's quality stuff.

If you'd prefer to try out another brand, totally cool. I'd absolutely still encourage you to try this supplement "catagory" out in general. I've noticed a big difference...just make sure you do your research on the brands you buy as there are some "less-than-useful" products out there.

For me, I'm sticking with the BioTrust digestive enzyme product (called AbsorbMax) because I know it works.

(just fyi, when you get on that page, be sure to click the "Read More" link in the description. It'll give you a full rundown on why digestive enzymes are so useful. It's good info).

So that's pretty much the deal on this new supplement. It's one that now has a permanent place in my supplement routine, regardless of the goal I'm training to achieve.

Get yours here now...

Biotrust Digestive Enzymes - Absorbmas


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