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3 BIG Problems I Have With Gluten-Free Eating...



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3 BIG Problems I Have With Gluten-Free Eating...

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Gluten is evil...right?

Well, if you listen to much of the nutritional talk currently out there, you might think that it was sent by demons to destroy the digestive systems of mankind!

Here's the's not evil.

Gluten is just gluten...

And there are varying levels of intolerance to it, ranging from hardly any at all staight through to full-blown Celiac disease (where gluten causes MAJOR digestive issues).

3 BIG Problems I Have With Gluten-Free Eating...

I'll be straight up with you...I DO believe that most people would do well to eliminate or dramatically reduce their intake of foods that have gluten in them...wheat is by far the biggest culprit.

My wife noticed a BIG difference when she dropped gluten, yet she's never been diagnosed with any formal intolerance to it.

I very rarely eat gluten myself. I don't have big reactions to it, but I know what it can do internally to the digestive system even when there isn't a big sensitivity.

There ARE three big problems I have with gluten-free eating, though...

1. Highly-Processed Gluten-Free Foods Aren't Necessarily Healthy

This reminds me of the low-carb craze that happened a few years back. A glut of low-carb junk foods flooded the market...low-carb cookies, chocolate bars, name it.

And people bought the stuff because it was low-carb which meant it was "healthy," right?

It's the same thing with a lot of the gluten-free foods on the market. Just because they're gluten-free, doesn't mean they're any good for you.

2. Foods That Were Always Gluten-Free Are Now Pumped Up as Gluten-Free

I supposed I can't blame a company for wanting to jump on an easy bandwagon like this because yes...that bottled water you're selling IS gluten-free.

But it always WAS gluten-free. This is not a new thing. And yes, awesome...gluten-free chicken.

3. Some Gluten-Free Foods Taste HORRIBLE

Gluten-free bread is the biggest culprit that I've come across, but it doesn't end there. There are lot of other gluten-free foods that I've tasted that are just as cringeworthy.


Here's the thing...eating gluten-free DOESN'T have to be like this. You can have delicious, healthy wholesome foods that don't taste like sand in your mouth.

For example, check these out...totally gluten-free and VERY tasty:

"This Can't Be Cereal" Cereal

Zucchini Bison Boats

Raspberry Fro-Pro

Looks pretty good to me... :)

If you'd like to see the recipes for those 3 dishes, click here.

On that same page, you can pick up a GREAT cookbook that has 117 MORE gluten-free recipes just like these.





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