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PR7 Supplement Review - My Results With the New Program Performance Supplement



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PR7 Supplement Review - My Results With the New Prograde Performance Supplement

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The following is my review of the new performance enhancing supplement PR7 from Prograde Nutrition.

If you train hard and are always looking for peak performance, be sure and read this whole's a bit on the long side but this is very exciting stuff. I promise it's worth it :).

It's about a peformance supplement that actually works and works EXTREMELY well. And I promise you, this email will be ZERO hype...just the facts.

PR7 Supplement Review


So a few months back, I was asked by my partners at Prograde Nutrition to test drive one of their new "beta" supplements. The name was PR7 and it's targeted goals were to increase strength/endurance during training sessions and improve between-set recovery, allowing you to push harder and accomplish more during each workout.

Now, I've tried a number of supplements that claimed to do this in the past...even some that contained a few similar ingredients to PR7...and never saw results like that so even though I really like Prograde products, I went in with no expectations in terms of results. I figured this was a good way of eliminating any possible placebo effect as a factor in any results I would get with the stuff.

I decided to use PR7 in conjunction with my Muscle Explosion program. I did this for several reasons...

1. It's an incredibly challenging program.
A supplement designed to improve strength/endurance that works with short rest periods is ideal for that program given the nature of the training (if you're not familiar with it, the second week of the program entails doing one exercise for more than 300 sets on 30 seconds rest over the course of 5's absolutley BRUTAL. It's literally like forcing 6 months of training into one week). This would test the power of this supplement like nothing else.

2. I had good data from a previous run-through of the exact same program I did about a year and a half ago, using the exact same exercise (trap bar deadlifts) and the exact same training weights. My starting weights were actually very similar, too, so it was almost a perfect match in terms of a single-subject split design experiment. All the variables were almost identical (even my bodyweight was within 3 pounds!), which is something rare in supplement studies.

After using the supplement for the first week of the program, I hadn't noticed a significant difference. Granted, the first week of the program is a diet phase, which can impact strength/endurance and the supplement does require a bit of loading (1 week, to be precise) before your muscle levels are optimal for seeing the effects.

Week 2 (the "money" week) started....

Before I tell you my results, I want to give you some context into what sort of training I was doing during that week. I call it Compound Exercise Overload Training and it's one of THE single most effective training styles I've ever come up with.

I won't go into the full details here (you can read more about it at the link above)...I'll just give you a quick rundown...

Pick a weight you can get 6 reps with and do a set of 3 reps with it. Then you rest 30 seconds. Then you do another set of 3 reps. Then rest 30 seconds. Then you repeat until you can't get 3 reps, then drop the weight 20 lbs then you go again for 3 rep sets. You keep this pattern of 3 reps and 20 lb drops when you can't hit 3 reps until the designated time period is up.

On day 1 of that week, you do this for 20 minutes straight. On day 2, you do 25 minutes. Day 3 is 30 minutes, day 4 is 35 minutes, and day 5 is 40 minutes. You strive to increase the weight you start with on each day then you back off to your original start weight on Day 5.

You stay away from failure on your sets...the power of this technique lies in the sheer volume of near-peak lifting you're doing. As you fatigue, you decrease the weight so you stay in that near-peak zone through the entire session.

My results with Prograde PR7...

Without PR7 With PR7
Started at 365 for 4 minutes
Ended at 275 for 4 minutes
Started at 365 for 10 minutes
Ended at 345 for 10 minutes
Started at 385 for 8 minutes
Ended at 325 for 10 minutes
Started at 385 for 8 minutes
Ended at 325 for 4 minutes
Started at 405 for 3 minutes
Ended at 285 for 10 minutes
Started at 405 for 7 minutes
Ended at 325 for 14 minutes
Started at 425 for 4 1/2 minutes
Ended at 225 for 5 minutes
Started at 425 lbs for 5 minutes
Ended at 305 lbs for 19 1/2 minutes
Started at 365 for 7 minutes
Ended at 245 for 22 minutes
Started at 365 lbs for 11 minutes
Ended at 285 for 16 1/2 minutes
1 Rep Max - 550 lbs (tested) 1 Rep Max (predicted) - 580 lbs

When you take a close look at the numbers, you can see that I improved my workload on EVERY SINGLE DAY of the program, as compared to my previous run-through.

1. I was able to maintain the starting weight doing 3 reps sets for longer periods of time (except for Day 2, which was the same)...substantially a few cases more than double.

2. I finished each session at a higher training weight on every day except for Day 2. What that means is I was able to maintain strength longer even while performing near-peak sets for high-volume. I didn't have to decrease the weights as much as I did on the previous run-through without PR7.

3. Even on Day 2, where the numbers look similar, I was able to stay at a higher weight longer until having to drop down to the same weight as previously.

When I went into the detailed program and logs and calculated and compared the overall workloads directly, it showed me I had a 28% increase in workload with PR7 as compared to without PR7.

4. I tested my One Rep Max in the deadlift after the first run-through and landed at 550 lbs. I didn't test it specifically after the PR7 run-through...I tested it with reps (500 lbs x 6 reps), which led to a predicted max of about 580 lbs. I estimate at the start of the program my max was about 480 lbs or so, giving me an increase of about 100 lbs in just a few weeks. Naturally, there are other factors that come into play here, including the fact that I've previously been able to lift this much weight and more (muscle memory) and the program itself is extremely powerful for increasing strength.

All things being equal, I would be comfortable saying the PR7 ended up giving me an extra 30 lb increase in One Rep Max results due to the increased workload I was able to perform while using it.


Now, with supplements, it's one thing to say that you "feel" stronger and that you "feel" like your recovery is faster...there are plenty of supplements that activate your central nervous system and/or open up your blood vessels so you feel something.

I did "feel" better while using it. The numbers, however, don't lie.

PR7 was EXTREMELY effective for it's stated purpose...increasing strength/endurance and recovery between sets. It's a performance-improving supplement that absolutely WORKS and works very well.


I've got two last things to tell you here...

First, I would only recommend PR7 if you're planning on using it while training HARD. If you're puttering around in the gym or just starting out in your training, PR7 is not for you. It's a serious supplement that will help intermediate to advanced trainers reach new levels of physical performance. Use it when you've got a challenging program and a specific goal to achieve.

Second, since Prograde has released this product as of yesterday, supplies are VERY limited. They'll be making more, obviously, but right now they're releasing a "test" batch to see how it sells. If my results are any indication, this stuff will be flying off the proverbial shelves.

Third, for the next few days (or until it sells out) you can get a 15% discount on PR7 by using the code PR15 at checkout (I guess that's three things :).

Get your PR7 now for 15% off...

PR7 Supplement Review




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