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Why Eating Real Food Sucks



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Why Eating Real Food Sucks

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By Nick Pinaeult
Author of The Truth About Fat-Burning Foods

"Eat real food" is what every fitness and nutrition expert under the sun tells you.

Today - even if I know it will spark controversy - I'm going to reveal the dirty truth NO ONE is talking about:

Eating Real Food is NOT enough.

Wait. Before you close this email and ditch me in the category of conspirationists along with the freaks who still think reptile aliens control our future - hear what I have to say.

Here's the deal: Like any other industry, the Food Industry is driven by money.

A few companies out there care about your health and set very high quality standards for themselves - but most of them only care about profits.

I've spent the last 7+ years researching how our food is made, and I discovered dark secrets I have to tell the world - even if it makes me the most HATED expert by the big companies.

Let me walk the talk and give you examples:

1) Honey

Honey is one of the healthiest sweeteners you can use - but a recent study by Food Safety News has found that 75% or more of all the honey in the U.S. may be fake, because it doesn't contain any pollen.

This lack of pollen in honey strongly indicates it may have been ultra-filtered - a process that removes all the nutrients and make it impossible to trace its origins.

This has been confirmed when 15 people in 6 countries have been busted for "washing" cheap illegal Chinese honey - known to contain the banned antibiotic chloramphenicol and heavy metals.

2) Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is packed with the natural fat burner CLA, and contains a ton more omega-3, vitamins and minerals than the cheap supermarket kind.

But did you know that the term "grass-fed" is not even regulated by the FDA? That means that there's a possibility your expensive beef has been fed grains in its last 3-4 months before ending up in your plate - nullifying any effect the grass diet had in the first place.

3) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is incredibly healthy and one of the best you can use to cook, but it gets expensive very fast.

The worst is - manufacturers sell "raw" coconut oil for the big price, when in fact raw coconut oil doesn't exist. Shipping containers used to ship the coconut oil to the US by sea from the tropics reach temperatures of over 130°F.

The bottom line: If you're paying more for raw coconut oil, you're getting scammed.

4) Brown Rice

Everyone tells you that brown rice is healthier than white rice…

What they forgot to tell you is that rice - especially brown rice - contains dangerous levels of arsenic. Yes, the most popular poison used in the Middle Age.

Don't worry. No one puts arsenic in your food on purpose. Rice naturally absorbs arsenic from soil or water much more effectively than most plants, and stores it in its grains.

And since 1960, about 800,000 tons of inorganic arsenic has been used in agriculture and industries.

Wait, it gets worse. The EPA estimates that rice contributes to only 17% of your exposure to arsenic, which means you probably affected by a toxic load that promotes fat storage and sickness already.

To reduce arsenic content, rinse your rice thoroughly and choose imported rice over the one grown in the US.


Surprised yet?

At the link below, Nick reveals his solution to avoid the "real food trap" and make sure you choose the right foods.

==> Learn the Truth About Fat Burning Foods




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