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Best Upper Body At-Home
Workout Equipment Choices

Home -> Fat Loss -> Upper Body Equipment

By Daniel Delisle, creator of the PushX3

Looking to improve the conditioning of your upper body? If so, and you plan to do your workouts in a home gym, you need to get prepared with a few pieces of equipment.

As few people have the space to store multiple sets of dumbbells not to mention a barbell and plate weight, it’s time to get creative. If you do hope to see ongoing progress, you do need to find a way to overload the muscles, creating the strength gains you’re after.

Fortunately, there are a few great equipment options.  Let’s look at the best upper body at-home workout equipment choices.

Pull-Up Bar

The first great option to consider is the pull-up bar. Pull-ups are often overlooked when it comes to upper body training because everyone is so focused on exercises they can do with external weight.

In the home gym setting however, this just doesn’t work.  As such, you need alternatives. Pull-ups provide that alternative.

The pull-up is a great way to gain back strength while also improving your back width, giving you the V-taper look that you may desire.

Pull-ups are also great for hitting the biceps and depending on the grip you choose, can work this smaller muscle group as much as the back.

Be sure to change your grip pattern regularly in order to avoid a progress plateau.


The next great piece of equipment to get in your home gym for training upper body is the PushX3.  If you find that a regular push-up no longer challenges you, you need to try this device.

You’ll quickly see how much more you can get out of a regular push-up when using the PushX3 as it challenges all the muscles in the upper body more while also bringing the core into play.

What’s more is that it’ll also take much of the stress off your joints as you perform your push-ups, lowering your overall risk of injury.

You can easily get creative and try a number of different exercise variations with the PushX3, making it an ideal piece of equipment to get in your gym.

Resistance Band

Finally, you’ll also want to pick up a resistance band or two of various resistance levels.  You can perform almost all the same exercises with a resistance band as you would with a dumbbell, so they can be a great way to provide that overloading tension you need to see strength and muscle gains.

Resistance bands are also great because they’re light and can easily be tucked away in a drawer until the next time you want to use them.

For those who are really trying to save space, they’re perfect.

So there you have three great options for building a great home gym that will allow you to get in effective upper body workout sessions.  Start using these and you’ll soon be seeing excellent results coming your way.




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