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Adam Waters

Joey Vaillancourt

Hi Nick,

I am now on day 19 of your program and I have to say it is the best training program I have undertaken.

The funny thing is that I didn't think I really had much weight I wanted to lose, but have now had to put two new holes in my belt and am going to have to have all my work pants taken in!

I was concerned that I would lose a bit of muscle on this program but the opposite has occured - it is great to see a program that disproves the myth that you can't lose fat and gain muscle at the same time - I sure have.

I have really learnt a lot about my body through this program and would recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight and gain muscle.

Daniel McCarthy

Hi Nick!

I would like to thank you in advance for my loss; That is...I lost 5% of my bodyfat, I am now down to 11% at a bodyweight of 71 kgs. from 16% at 73. My ABS are now beginning to appear, AT LAST!

Anyway, the results I have were just after Round 1 of the Metabolic Surge program. Honestly, I had some cheat meals earlier as outlined in the Phase 3 of Round 1. I kind of slipped a little but I was still able to get these results. If only I can drop another 5% then I will be a proud owner of a 6% bodyfat physique WOW!

Thank you so much! I couldn't do it without your expertise on the subject of Macronutrient Rotation.



Lowri Elen Casimiro

Joy Fenton

Hi Nick,

Metabolic Surge is the most results-producing fat loss program I have ever used! I LOVE IT! I really do. I have tried many progams I have found online and in the mags and there is simply no camparison. I completed the first 36 day cycle with great results. I am on day 20 of my second cycle. I still have a way to go to get to 6-8% bodyfat but I have absolute confidence that Metabolic Surge will get me there.

I still have bodyfat hanging around my belly but the outline of a six-pack can be seen when I flex. I am much more muscular than ever before. The program is so easy to follow and that helps a great deal.

I want to get in the best most defined, conditioned shape of my life and I know that YOUR program, Metabolic Surge, can provide the way. I want to be honest with you Nick. I AM 59 YEARS OLD and I look better and more muscular than most of my much younger friends. The younger women are after me too!! Thank you God!!!! Ha Ha

Thank you Nick for everything. I am already in better shape after only one cycle than ever before and will go to even a higher level with Metabolic Surge. Thank You, Thank you, Thank You.

David Foat

Hi Nick,

I am on day 27 of Metabolic surge and I would just like to say this program has been fantastic.

The fat loss results that I have experienced have been far past my expectations in four weeks and my strength has remained constant despite the high volume. My muscle mass has increased, which is the thing I love the most about your program.

All I can say is thank you Nick. I am closer now than ever before to my dream body (one I could bear to look at) than ever before and I am much happier with who I am now, I feel stronger to my very core mentally and emotionally and I feel alive like a new man.

My life has changed and success seems to be following me around like a puppy. I'm doing great at school, I have more energy than ever before, beautiful girls are attracted to me and its all down to you Nick and what you made me. I hope you will continue making new programs as this one was truly life changing, I feel ready to take on the world.

You have given me my youth back. All the best the world has to offer

Arran Macdonald-Mitchell

Ken Gore

Adel Hussein

Hi Nick,

Just letting you know I have finished Level 1 Training of the Metabolic Surge and am on day 3 of the recovery phase. Overall, I have lost 18 lbs and 24 inches.

I am now 235 lbs and 5' 3" (I was 268 lbs originally and 254 lbs at beginning of the Metabolic Surge Level 1 Training) so am still very big but this is the lightest and most mobile I have been for about 5 years.

I wore 2 skirts recently that I haven't fit into since my niece was born (she is now 5 years old) and they are loose!!!

So even though I have a long way to go (target of 125 lbs and about 17% bodyfat), I know it is possible and I can definitely achieve this goal. It is very hard work and hard to always stay focused but it is well worth the results.

This is just to say thank you and that your plan really works (I know you know this already :o)) and a year from now I'll have the physique I earn with it's help.

Very best regards and thanks for all your time and help,

Audrey Dodd, UK

Mr. Nilsson,

I am a 59 yr.old male, who is on disability due to degenerative joint disease from head to toe. In my lifetime I've had over 60 surgeries.

My doctor said if I don't lose the extra weight, I will have a heart attack or stroke. My friends and co-workers made comments about my weight and I hated the way I looked. One comment a co-worker made really hurt my feelings and I was frustrated that I couldn't lose the weight.

Since starting the program I've lost 16 lbs and am now wearing tank tops that I wouldn't have dared to wear 6 weeks ago.

The best part is, the co-worker that made the hurtful comment about my weight saw me walk in to work one day and made a comment about my muscles!! And I'm not even following the diet in the program!!

The information in the program is amazing!! I would encourage anyone reading this to get the program or any of the other programs Mr. Nilsson offers. If a disabled, busted up 59 yr old can get results with the program using elastic tubing can you imagine the results healthy people can get using weights!!??

I can honestly say it's made a big difference in my life and I'm so glad I don't have to hear any more hurtful comments about my weight. Thank you, Mr.Nilsson.

Lou, Florida


Hi Nick,

I purchased the Metabolic Surge e-book about eight weeks ago and just finished up the strength and recovery phase. Let me say that I can't wait until next week so I can start all over. I cannot believe the results that I got. I really didn't have an accurate way of measuring my bodyfat when I started, so I got a pair of Accu-Measure calipers about three weeks into the program. At that time I weighed 255 at 26% bodyfat and my clothing were already starting to get loose. Now I weigh 253 with 23% bodyfat. That's a 3% loss [in bodyfat] in only 4 weeks. Unbelieveable! I took before and after pictures like you recommended and what a difference, especially the picture from behind.

Also, when you said that I wouldn't lose muscle and might even add some, I thought you were a little off your rocker. WAS I WRONG. Not only did I not lose any, I really slapped it on. Here is an example of one of my strength gains. Prior to starting I could flat bench 205 for 5 reps. My last strength and recovery workout I did 235 for 6 reps. Absolutely every muscle group saw gains.

Now straight from the heart, let me thank you very, very much for putting together this program and offering it at such a reasonable price.

For the last six years, I have been trying to find a way to shed weight and have had one failure after another only to wind up being heavier. You have helped me overcome the biggest obstacle on this journey, my work schedule. Working 12 hour days is no picnic. Working out after a 12 hour day would have been insane, training the way that I always trained. I always lifted for 45 minutes and then did 30 minutes of cardio 5 or 6 days a week. My diet was never what it should have been either.

Now I can go after work, hit it hard and get home and it's only an extra hour. You also helped me out with some adjustments to the program to accomodate my schedule. I once asked a trainer at my gym how I could maximize my training on this schedule and he told me I should change jobs. He doesn't work there anymore. I was thinking a few months ago if I look okay next summer I would be happy. Now I want to see if I can get a six pack for Xmas, and I am not talking beer.

By the way, my wife, who is still battling the extra weight from our daughter, who is three, is 2/3 of the way through the Level One program. She has seen more results in the two weeks she has been on your program than she did in the two months she spent working with a personal trainer. Don't get me wrong, she did get results, but not this good. She's planning on doing the full program next. She was so excited when she pulled out the boxes of her old clothing this past weekend and started fitting into all of the smaller sizes.

Anyway Nick, thanks a million. You are a fine person and should take pride in this program. I have been checking out Fitstep.com for my future fitness needs. Right now I am just going to stick with Metabolic Surge until I fulfill what I only thought was a dream.

Thanks again.
Keith Hallman


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