If you've struggled to get SHREDDED while holding onto your muscle mass, keep reading...because you can get results like THIS...without spending your whole life in the gym.

And yes, I can totally understand your skepticism! Those pics show a dramatic difference. They were taken 12 weeks apart and I followed this nutrition and training program VERY strictly. I'm an experienced trainer and was coming off a layoff. These results may not be typical but they ARE possible! Definitely keep reading to learn more about how I did it.

"Conventional" Fat-Loss
Methods Are FAILING You...

They Cause 3 BIG Problems That Will Make
You Smaller, Weaker and Even Potentially
FATTER By the Time You're Done!

And I can help you FIX them...

My name is Nick Nilsson and I'm known as the "Mad Scientist of Muscle."

For more than two decades, I've been helping people just like YOU achieve extraordinary physique transformation results using some of the most unconventional, "out-of-the-box" training techniques and exercises you've never seen before.

I do have to say, though, the "before" picture of me above is downright embarassing.

I actually didn't want to post that up because first, I look terrible, and second, because it's not a perfect comparison between the two pics (different poses and lighting).

Even so, I thought it was important to post these pics, because there was a time when I let myself slip...I'm not proud of it but after I saw that picture on the left, I resolved to NEVER let that happen again.

When You Train and
Eat MY Way...

...you will NEVER lose muscle...

...you will NEVER lose strength...

...and you will ALWAYS lose fat.

When you diet down, your body does NOT want to lose fat...it wants to get RID of your muscle mass...

It's a survival mechanism handed down to us by thousands of years of evolution...the human body is incredibly efficient at storing bodyfat for times of famine.

When you go on a diet, there's a short window of time before your body realizes there's a "famine" happening... you'll have 5 to 7 days of reduced-calorie eating where you'll see good fat-loss results, even if you have no idea what you're doing.

That's when the problems start...

Once you pass that 7-day mark, your body figures out that your calorie intake has dropped...and it slows down your metabolism in order to PRESERVE FAT MASS (notice I didn't say muscle mass).

Muscle mass requires a lot more energy to maintain than fat and when times get tough, your body does everything it can to GET RID OF that muscle so it can survive longer.

In today's world, however, this leaves you smaller, weaker and primed to gain all the fat back again.

The Solution:
Targeted, carefully-timed transitions between training modalities

You need a program that rapidly alternates between fat-loss training periods and muscle-building training periods using training and eating techniques that maximize the impact of the TRANSITIONS between the two approaches.

A program should focus on straight-up fat-loss for 5 to 7 days, then, right when your body is starting to slow down your metabolic rate, you turn around and switch to "lean" muscle-building training and eating for 5 to 7 days. (If you're familiar with the ABCDE system, you'll recognize this concept).

You hit each phase just long enough for your body to get accustomed to the training and eating then you immediately change things up and harness your body's power of rapid adaptation.


The best example of this is switching from low-rest
"metabolic conditioning" training to high-volume
hypertrophy-focused training.



If you've ever done High Intensity Training (with very few sets and long rest periods in between sets) for any length of time then switched to High Volume Training (with lots of sets and shorter rest in between sets), you've seen how the results come fast and furious right after you switch.

That's what happens HERE...only in this case, we're planning for and CREATING the situation to maximize the effects of it.

And this concept is especially powerful when you combine it with the NEXT problem...


A "steady-state" diet plan will GRIND DOWN your metabolism and KILL your fat loss.

Low-carb diets work...

Low-fat diets work, too...

NEITHER works forever, though...and if you continually hammer away at one approach, as most diet plans do, your results will very quickly grind to a halt.

Your body figures things out fast. The moment you start a new dietary approach, your body is doing it's best to adapt to it and bring everything back to normal...which means killing your fat-loss results.

And if you stick with one approach too long...kiss your muscle goodbye while your fat stays right where it is.

The Solution:
Frequent, strategic changes to the nutrient profiles of the foods you're eating

Just like in the first solution to keeping muscle, we need to outsmart your body.

By constantly changing the nutrients you're eating in a STRATEGIC fashion (and this is key...random changes won't cut it), you will keep your body from ever adapting to any one single style of eating.

This means switching between dietary phases that focus on removing carbs, removing fats, and even removing protein...yep, you read that right. We're going to strategically remove PROTEIN from your diet as well (just for one day...don't panic).

This type of eating allows you to stay on a low-calorie diet and lose fat CONTINUOUSLY without EVER allowing your body to fully adapt and slow down your metabolism.

This means ZERO fat-loss plateaus.

This also allows you to TAILOR YOUR TRAINING to maximize the fat-burning and muscle-building HORMONAL effects of the food you're eating.


The best example of this is switching from a
low-carb diet to a high-carb diet...

During the low-carb phase, your body is primed for fat-loss. Insulin levels are down and the body is very efficient at burning bodyfat for energy. Your training should be targeted to this "fat-fueled" nutritional state your body is in.

Then, just when your body starts to adapt and slow things down, BOOM. That's when you switch to a low-fat, HIGHER carb phase, change your training to higher-volume, muscle-focused workouts, and reap the benefits of increased insulin sensitivity (i.e. faster and easier muscle growth).

This allows you to burn fat AND build muscle, even on a reduced-calorie diet.

In other words, you'll get RIPPED without losing ANY muscle mass!


Example...The Insulin/Growth
Hormone Fat-Loss Connection

Eating low-carb keeps your blood sugar levels stable and your insulin levels in check. Insulin is your body's primary storage hormone...so when it's in your bloodstream, you CAN'T burn fat because your body is in storage mode.

Growth Hormone, on the other hand, is one of your body's most POWERFUL fat-burning and muscle-sparing hormones.

And it does NOT get along with insulin.

When insulin levels are high in your body (such as when eating a higher-carb, low-fat diet), Growth Hormone secretion is reduced.

So by eating low-carb, you set the conditions for maximizing Growth Hormone levels in your body.

Now here's the other side of the coin...TRAINING.

Studies have shown that Growth Hormone is secreted in large quantities in response to Lactic Acid production in your body.

So by targeting your training to flooding your body with Lactic Acid and KEEPING it there, your Growth Hormone levels will spike. You will see fat-loss effects far beyond simple calorie-burning...AND you will preserve muscle mass very effectively.

Bottom line...when you're eating low-carb, you should train with Lactic Acid-based training for maximum fat loss because your body is PRIMED to take best advantage of the hormonal state created by the nutrients you're eating.

This principle of targeting your training to the nutrients you're eating is one of THE single most important secrets I've discovered in all my years in the gym.

And once you figure out how it's done, you'll be able to lose fat and build muscle pretty much at will.


You can't STAY lean because rebound weight gain piles the fat right back on you!

This is truly the worst thing about losing fat...the rebound fat gain that seems to inevitably happen when you go back (even a little bit) to "normal."

It's a DIRECT result of losing muscle mass and allowing your metabolism to grind down through conventional steady-state dieting...and it can be devastating.

If you've dropped fat before, you've had it happen...and it sucks watching all your hard work go right down the drain as the fat piles back on you.

Here's the thing...rebound fat gain DOESN'T have to happen.

With the right workout programming, you can ramp up your metabolism so that you actually lose even MORE fat when you've completed the program.


The Solution:
Overtraining on purpose

Yep, seriously. The solution is overtraining on purpose.

Your fat-loss program needs to gradually build up volume and intensity until you're at the point where your body is ALMOST breaking down.

And just when you're at that point...when your metabolism is ROARING just trying to keep up with the training, THAT is when you pull back and the program ends, going to back to a more normal caloric intake and training program.

Rebound weight gain simply CAN'T happen because everything you eat will still be burned up in the systemic recovery process.

You'll be a LEANER, STRONGER version of yourself with a raging metabolism that simply won't ALLOW you to put "rebound fat" back on.


Here's The Program That
Will Do It For You:

Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss

Now, when I say "do it all for you," I don't literally mean the program will haul your butt to the gym and lift for you...you still have to do THAT yourself.

What this program does is LAY IT ALL OUT FOR YOU so you know exactly what you're doing every step of the way.

It's an extraordinarily powerful, highly-targeted, intense program of diet and exercise designed from every conceivable strategic angle to accomplish just two things: stripping away bodyfat as quickly as possible while keeping and building maximum muscle mass.

After creating it, I followed it to the letter and ended up at exactly the same weight as I started (started at 207 pounds and ended up at 207 pounds).

Why is this a good thing?

Because I dropped three inches from my waist at the same time! I lost a tremendous amount of bodyfat during the 36 days of the program. What replaced it? Pounds of new muscle. Not bad for a rapid fat-loss program...

And even crazier, I actually ended up even STRONGER when I was done. I have NEVER experienced anything even resembling strength gain on a fat-loss program before and, to be honest, it really shocked me.

So with results like that, I HAD to go through and do it again...and the end result was the "after" picture you saw at the top of the page.


With the eating plan in the program, you may not even realize you're on a diet. Not only do you get to eat steak, eggs, and hamburger, you will also eat fruit, pasta, rice and other high-carb foods. I will even tell you when you can eat pizza, cheesecake and other similar foods and actually use them to your advantage.

This is the first program that I've ever used that not only works WITH your body's cravings, it also anticipates them, rewards them and actually uses them to maximize your results.

It's truly the most liberating diet I've ever come up with in my training career, and it's by FAR the most effective.

Ok, maybe not THAT liberating...
but pretty darn close...


The exercise charts in the Metabolic Surge program are extremely detailed, right down to the suggested exercises, sets, reps and rest periods of each and every workout throughout the entire 36 days of the program.

I've taken all the guesswork completely out of it for you.

And the best part is, you don't have to spend your whole life in the gym...the training found in the Surge program will take you literally less than four hours a WEEK to get through.

Don't get me wrong...it's going to be a TOUGH four hours a week...

Because in this program, I will take you through some of the most intense workouts you've ever done in your life...and you'll know that EVERY single one of them is designed to maximize your body transformation results.

  • Fat-Loss Circuit Training™
  • Lactic-Acid Training
  • Time/Volume Training™
  • Antagonistic Superset Training
  • Cluster Training
  • Triple Drop Set and Triple Add Set Training



Are you going to need a ton of expensive supplements to take full advantage of this program?

Definitely NOT. If all you do is take a multivitamin every day, you'll still get amazing results.

If you're pinning all your fat-loss hopes on a pill, I've got news for you...it ain't gonna happen. However, the right supplements (even ones as simple as protein and creatine), taken at the right time, can have stunning effects on your body composition.

In the Surge program, I've got the full rundown on exactly which supplements you should be taking (and how to take them) and which are a total waste of money.

I'll even teach you how to use supplements like CREATINE, that are normally thought of as muscle-building supplements, to maximize your FAT-LOSS results.


One of the most important things to note about the Metabolic Surge program is that it's based on verifiable SCIENCE. It is not something I pulled out of a hat that may or may not work.

The nutritional patterns, eating recommendations and training techniques in the book are fully backed by scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals.

They are fully referenced and hyperlinked in the book so you can examine the studies yourself, if you want to!

By understanding your body's reactions, planning for them and taking advantage of them for specific purposes, we can force your physiology to work FOR you, not AGAINST you, as it normally does in most fat-loss programs.


One word of warning, though...

This is NOT a long-term fat-loss plan. This program is only for those who are looking for EXTREMELY FAST RESULTS and who are willing to put in the work to get it done.

If you're looking for a diet and exercise plan to follow for the rest of your life, this isn't it. If you're looking for a fat-loss plan you can coast through, this definitely isn't it.

If you're looking to MAXIMIZE YOUR FAT LOSS with pinpoint training and NO wasted effort... THIS PROGRAM IS IT.

Now check out these results...

Adam Waters

Joey Vaillancourt

Hi Nick,

I am now on day 19 of your program and I have to say it is the best training program I have undertaken.

The funny thing is that I didn't think I really had much weight I wanted to lose, but have now had to put two new holes in my belt and am going to have to have all my work pants taken in!

I was concerned that I would lose a bit of muscle on this program but the opposite has occured - it is great to see a program that disproves the myth that you can't lose fat and gain muscle at the same time - I sure have.

I have really learnt a lot about my body through this program and would recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight and gain muscle.

Daniel McCarthy

Hi Nick!

I would like to thank you in advance for my loss; That is...I lost 5% of my bodyfat, I am now down to 11% at a bodyweight of 71 kgs. from 16% at 73. My ABS are now beginning to appear, AT LAST!

Anyway, the results I have were just after Round 1 of the Metabolic Surge program. Honestly, I had some cheat meals earlier as outlined in the Phase 3 of Round 1. I kind of slipped a little but I was still able to get these results. If only I can drop another 5% then I will be a proud owner of a 6% bodyfat physique WOW!

Thank you so much! I couldn't do it without your expertise on the subject of Macronutrient Rotation.



Ken Gore

Adel Hussein

Hi Nick,

Metabolic Surge is the most results-producing fat loss program I have ever used! I LOVE IT! I really do. I have tried many progams I have found online and in the mags and there is simply no camparison. I completed the first 36 day cycle with great results. I am on day 20 of my second cycle. I still have a way to go to get to 6-8% bodyfat but I have absolute confidence that Metabolic Surge will get me there.

I still have bodyfat hanging around my belly but the outline of a six-pack can be seen when I flex. I am much more muscular than ever before. The program is so easy to follow and that helps a great deal.

I want to get in the best most defined, conditioned shape of my life and I know that YOUR program, Metabolic Surge, can provide the way. I want to be honest with you Nick. I AM 59 YEARS OLD and I look better and more muscular than most of my much younger friends. The younger women are after me too!! Thank you God!!!! Ha Ha

Thank you Nick for everything. I am already in better shape after only one cycle than ever before and will go to even a higher level with Metabolic Surge. Thank You, Thank you, Thank You.

David Foat

Hi Nick,

I am on day 27 of Metabolic surge and I would just like to say this program has been fantastic.

The fat loss results that I have experienced have been far past my expectations in four weeks and my strength has remained constant despite the high volume. My muscle mass has increased, which is the thing I love the most about your program.

All I can say is thank you Nick. I am closer now than ever before to my dream body (one I could bear to look at) than ever before and I am much happier with who I am now, I feel stronger to my very core mentally and emotionally and I feel alive like a new man.

My life has changed and success seems to be following me around like a puppy. I'm doing great at school, I have more energy than ever before, beautiful girls are attracted to me and its all down to you Nick and what you made me. I hope you will continue making new programs as this one was truly life changing, I feel ready to take on the world.

You have given me my youth back. All the best the world has to offer

Arran Macdonald-Mitchell



EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of this powerful
program is designed to burn fat and
preserve and build muscle

Nothing else.

Here's what you get with the
Metabolic Surge program...


Component #1 - The Metabolic Surge Manual ($97 value)

This manual is the "guts" of the Program...how it works, why it works and the science behind it.

You'll get complete and detailed rundowns of all the Exercise Techniques used in the program as well as Nutrition Info to help you maximize the fat-loss results you get.

This info is right to the point...no fluff, no wasted time...and you'll be ready to roll.

Component #2 - Printable Workout Sheets ($47 value)

Just print and bring to the gym with you...these workout sheets give you the details of each day's training, including sets, reps, exercises, and notes to help make the program even MORE effective.

You'll have everything laid for you and know EXACTLY what you're doing every step of the way.

Component #3 - Fat-Loss Supplement Guide ($27 value)

Get my "insider" supplement recommendations for supporting your rapid fat loss.

Hint: you don't NEED supplements but they can help tremendously, especially when used strategically in the context of the focused training and eating plan you'll be doing.

I'll tell you exactly how to use supplements for maximum fat-loss results.

Component #4 - Carb Counter Charts
($27 value)

If you want to know the carb-counts of just about any food you can think of, these Carb Counter Charts are just what you need.

You'll be able to quickly find the carb counts of foods ranging from meats, poultry, beans, eggs, and even desserts!

This is EXACTLY what you need if you're not well familiar with low-carb eating and the foods you'll need to eat while doing it. These charts will take out all the guesswork.

Component #5 - Free Updates for LIFE ($97 value)

Whenever I come out with an update of this eBook, you'll get it FREE.

I'm constantly working to improve my programs and exercises and there's no way I'm going to make you pay for an update that SHOULD be free.

Component #6 - MY TIME (priceless)

You will have ME as your trainer by your side all the way through. If you ever have any questions about this program, you can fire them over to me and I'll respond asap.

If you've ever tried to get help directly from an author or trainer, you KNOW how rare this is. I'm committed to YOU and helping you get shredded.



So...What is 10 to 15 Pounds of Pure Fat
GONE in a Month Worth to You?

That's the real question...

And now that you've read what this program is all about, you KNOW the potential it has for you and your physique.

So if you're ready to make the move, DESTROY your comfort zone and really, truly TRANSFORM yourself...

Let's get you started...


If you want to hear more, I've got a letter from a
past user of the Surge program that you HAVE
to read (it's awesome)...


Hi Nick,

I purchased the Metabolic Surge e-book about eight weeks ago and just finished up the strength and recovery phase. Let me say that I can't wait until next week so I can start all over. I cannot believe the results that I got. I really didn't have an accurate way of measuring my bodyfat when I started, so I got a pair of Accu-Measure calipers about three weeks into the program.

At that time I weighed 255 at 26% bodyfat and my clothing were already starting to get loose. Now I weigh 253 with 23% bodyfat. That's a 3% loss [in bodyfat] in only 4 weeks. Unbelieveable! I took before and after pictures like you recommended and what a difference, especially the picture from behind.

Also, when you said that I wouldn't lose muscle and might even add some, I thought you were a little off your rocker. WAS I WRONG. Not only did I not lose any, I really slapped it on. Here is an example of one of my strength gains. Prior to starting I could flat bench 205 for 5 reps. My last strength and recovery workout I did 235 for 6 reps. Absolutely every muscle group saw gains.

Now straight from the heart, let me thank you very, very much for putting together this program and offering it at such a reasonable price.

For the last six years, I have been trying to find a way to shed weight and have had one failure after another only to wind up being heavier. You have helped me overcome the biggest obstacle on this journey, my work schedule.

Working 12 hour days is no picnic. Working out after a 12 hour day would have been insane, training the way that I always trained. I always lifted for 45 minutes and then did 30 minutes of cardio 5 or 6 days a week. My diet was never what it should have been either.

Now I can go after work, hit it hard and get home and it's only an extra hour. You also helped me out with some adjustments to the program to accomodate my schedule. I once asked a trainer at my gym how I could maximize my training on this schedule and he told me I should change jobs. He doesn't work there anymore.

I was thinking a few months ago if I look okay next summer I would be happy. Now I want to see if I can get a six pack for Xmas, and I am not talking beer.

By the way, my wife, who is still battling the extra weight from our daughter, who is three, is 2/3 of the way through the Level One program. She has seen more results in the two weeks she has been on your program than she did in the two months she spent working with a personal trainer. Don't get me wrong, she did get results, but not this good. She's planning on doing the full program next. She was so excited when she pulled out the boxes of her old clothing this past weekend and started fitting into all of the smaller sizes.

Anyway Nick, thanks a million. You are a fine person and should take pride in this program. I have been checking out Fitstep.com for my future fitness needs. Right now I am just going to stick with Metabolic Surge until I fulfill what I only thought was a dream.

Thanks again.
Keith Hallman


Got Questions? I've Got Answers...

Q. Do I have to take a bunch of supplements to get results with this program?

While supplementation can certainly help with the program, supplements are definitely NOT required to achieve great fat-loss success.

The real power behind the program lies in the nutritional strategies and the training program. Supplements are simply there to support and assist with these processes. You won't have to take any fat burners, protein powder, creatine or anything like that if you don't want to and you'll still get great results.

Anyone who tells you that you have to take fat loss supplements to make their program work is not promoting a healthy program. When properly stimulated, your own natural metabolism is FAR more powerful than any supplement you can take to burn fat. Supplements can assist and support the process but they should NOT be the focus of your fat loss efforts.

Q. Does the Metabolic Surge program require strict calorie counting and food weighing?

Not at all! In fact, it's the first highly-effective fat loss program that I've found that doesn't actually require strict calorie counting to work and work very well.

The training and nutritional techniques found in the program (such as Fat-Loss Circuit Training, Macronutrient Rotation and Lactic Acid Training) will take care of boosting your metabolism so that you don't need to focus on measuring and weighing everything you eat.

If you do prefer to count calories and find you get better results that way, however, I've also included in the program not only advice on how to go about it but also specific ranges of caloric intake based on your gender and bodyweight to get the best results.

The information is there if you need but it's definitely NOT necessary to count calories on the Metabolic Surge program and still have it work effectively.

Q. What happens after the program is done? Is there going to be rebound weight gain?

Absolutely not! In fact, I and many others have actually experienced CONTINUED fat loss even after the program is done! The training involved in the program in unique amongst fat loss programs in that it actually makes your metabolism go FASTER as you go through the program, rather than simply trying to fight it's slowing down.

By the time you're finished with the 36-day program, your metabolism will be cranking so strongly, you can go back to eating normally (but still healthy) and actually KEEP losing fat.

Also, even though this program does use low-carb eating at times, it completely avoids the problem of rebound weight gain typically associated with coming off a low-carb diet. In this program, you will actually use that rebound to your advantage to build muscle! This is something not found in ANY other fat loss program.

Q. Is this program useful for female trainers?

The Metabolic Surge program is all about reshaping your body. Basically, what will happen, being female, when you use the program, your bodyfat levels will come down while your shape improves dramatically. You won't develop large muscles - only lean, shapely, sculpted muscles.

This program does not rely on testosterone production (which is a more masculinizing hormone) to build muscle and burn fat. It harnesses the power of Growth Hormone, to burn fat while building muscle, and the hormone Insulin (which is used primarily to build muscle). Men and women both have practically equal potential when it comes to both Growth Hormone and Insulin production, therefore making the program just as effective for women as it is for men.

Check out these quotes from women who have used the Metabolic Surge program:

"Thank you for this awesome book - I'm enjoying a new zeal for my training! I've been working out for years, used to compete in bodybuilding and am now just trying to stay lean. I'm loving this program and thank you for making it so easy to follow."

- Heather Ireland

"I've always had problems with fat in my back right above my waist, well, not always but a good deal of my life, and I can see major changes in that area. It's truly amazing. I've never lost as much in that area as I have with your program. I will be ending the 36 days this Friday and I can honestly see the results!!!"

- Velinda Thomas


Q. I'm just starting out with my training and exercise. Is this program going to be too advanced for me to follow?

The Metabolic Surge program will take you by the hand right from the very beginning. I've included a beginner-oriented Preparation Phase for the program, allowing you to start working your way up to the main program one step at a time.

This Preparation Phase will gradually build you up to the point where you're able to handle the scaled-down version of the main program, called Level 1 Training.

Level 1 Training, while still maintaining the effectiveness of the main program, utilizes workouts with fewer sets, longer rest periods and lower-intensity cardio training.

Don't get me wrong, it's still going to be challenging and EXTREMELY effective. It's a basically a moderated approach to the program so even total beginners can benefit from it.

Q. I'm an advanced trainer and I want to maintain my strength and muscle mass while getting rid of the last bits of stubborn fat. Will this program do that for me?

This program was actually originally designed with that very purpose in mind...a fat-loss program for intermediate to advanced trainers who want to get rid of the last bits of stubborn fat while keeping and even BUILDING muscle, all while maintaining strength and performance!

The Metabolic Surge program delivers on this promise...over the course of the 36 days of training, you can actually INCREASE strength and build muscle while dropping fat.

In fact, the first time I did this program myself, I ended up at the exact same weight I started...only I had dropped 3 INCHES off my waist! That's a tremendous gain in lean muscle while losing fat.