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When you're looking at training equipment, especially unique items that you may not know much about, it's important to know what you're getting. Is it good or is it bad? In this area, you'll learn more about some of the most innovative new pieces of equipment around! This is not a place you're going to find reviews on stair machines and home gyms. That's covered in detail on plenty of sites. This is about the relatively-unknown pieces of equipment that can make a HUGE difference in your training.

Manta Ray review The Manta Ray   Is it a squatters dream come true? The Manta Ray is designed to help spread the pressure of the bar over a larger surface area, making the exercise more comfortable and more productive.
Sandbag Training When it comes to training equipment, there's nothing more low-tech than a bag of sand (except maybe a rock!). Could sandbag training be the key you're looking for to take your physique to the next level? Find out here.
Fat Gripz If you're interested in developing serious grip and forearm strength, will this piece of equipment do the trick for you? Fat Gripz are designed to snap on the bar and allow you to do fat bar training without needing a fat bar. Do they work as advertised?
The Super Deadlift Bar review The Super Deadlift Bar By placing your body directly in between the weight, can the Super Deadlift Bar make the deadlift more effective?
The Epic Sledgehammer This sledgehammer is a BEAST. It's not a beginner-level piece of equipment, but if you're an advanced trainer with hammer experience, it's going to be your new best friend.
The Monster Sledgehammer If you're a fan of sledgehammer training, you're going to LOVE this piece of equipment. It's built to last and it's built to allow you to ADD weight as you get stronger. This is top-quality stuff.
The KettleClamp The goal of this piece of equipment is to turn your dumbell into a allow you to perform a variety of kettlebell exercises (among others). Find out if it gets the job done.
The Mass Suit This is one of the most unique pieces of training equipment's something you WEAR, making your body part of the apparatus! It's targeted for athletic training, fat-loss and muscle and strength building.
Extreme Ab and Arm Wheel Want six-pack abs and a stronger core? The Ab Rollout is a key exercise. This uniquely designed ab training wheel allows you to hold your arms in a different position when doing the rollout. Good idea or gimmick?
Z-Trail Xero Shoes Minimalist footwear is extremely useful for training "barefoot" while still getting protection from the road and/or things you don't want to step in. Learn more about these minimal shoes here.
The All American Fitness Bar Adjustablity is the hallmark of this unique training bar. You can adjust the angle of the handles as well as the width of the handles to customize it to your liking. And the variety of exercises you can do with it is HUGE!
Slayer Barbell This is an extremely versatile piece of training equipment that utilizes a unique leveraging method to put greater tension on the muscles. It can be used for everything from curls to front squats to push-ups. Check out the full video review.
The Neck Flex If neck training is a priority for you, the Neck Flex is a piece of equipment you'll definitely want to check out. Very well constructed and versatile, the Neck Flex will allow you to work your neck safely and effectively.
The ProStak Blender Bottle The ProStak Blender Bottle This bottle is designed to help make your supplementation easier and move convenient by adding storage directly onto the bottle itself!
The PushX3 Take your push-ups to the next level with these uniquely-shaped handles. In addition to push-ups, you can actually do exercises that will ONLY be possible with the PushX3.
Yoke Squat Bar Made From Plumbing Pipe When training at home, there are always limitations either in terms of space or budget that can make it tougher to squat. This yoke bar is designed to allowing squatting in complete safety, starting from the bottom position.
The X-Vest Increasing the loading on your body for all forms of exercise with the X-Vest weighted vest. This is a simple way to burn calories and get more resistance in bodyweight exercises.
RepBoards Increase your bench press with this one! Perform partial range of motion "board pressing" without a spotter using this innovative piece of equipment.
Target Focus Training If you're interested in self-defense, this is the premier training to learn what REALLY works in real-life situations. Get the full rundown here.
Flexsolate Lifting Straps

The Flexsolate Strap is a unique grip-assistance device in that it's NOT designed primarily to let you grip longer or's designed to FORCE your target muscles to contract more strongly by removing grip from the equation. Very interesting concept but does it hold up in the gym?

The Hammerhead Anchor Gym

This is one of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment you'll find on the market today, allowing you to perform all manner of exercises including tubing, bands, suspension exercises and stretches. The setup has a very small footprint that fits in ANY space...all you need is a solid wall to attach the anchors onto.
KettleStacks Have you wanted to try out Kettlebell training but been stopped by the high prices of buying a set? This unique piece of equipment will help you make your own for a fraction of the price!
The Lean Abs Machine Finally! An abdominal exercise machine that actually works! Learn about an innovative new piece of home training equipment that can shred your abs AND provide you with a total-body workout quickly and efficiently.
The Lebert Equalizer Whether you're working out at home or at the gym, the more versatile the equipment you have, the more exercises you can do and the better your results will be. Can something as elegantly simple as the "The Equalizer" crank up the intensity of your training? Find out now!
The Lebert Equalizer XL This is the "bigger brother" version of the Equalizer, made taller to increase the versatility and usefullness of the equipment.
The Football Bar Does this unique bar design hold the key to bench pressing without shoulder pain? Plus, find out what OTHER exercises this bar can be used for - you'll be surprised!
Haulin Hooks Grip assistance equipment, like wrist straps and lifting hooks, has been around for a long time. After all, who doesn't want to able to get more reps and use more weight NOW? Haulin' Hooks are a unique, new concept on the block. Learn how these new hooks stack up!
Power Hooks These unique hooks claim to have the ability to instantly increase the amount of weight you can handle with the dumbell bench press and allow you to build bench press strength faster. Is it fact or fiction?
AMP Bar This multi-functional bar is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I've reviewed. Learn if the unique features of this bar can take your training to the next level.
The Forearm Bar Does this uniquely designed piece of equipment have the potential to quickly pack muscle and strength onto your forearms? Find out here.
Sting Ray Review The Sting Ray

Can this unique piece of equipment take the pain and suffering out of the front squat and replace it with raw results?

The AllAround Wrist Roller Review The AllAround Wrist Roller One of the most unique and simple equipment designs you'll ever find. But does it effectively work the wrists and forearms?
Omniglide Omniglide Looking for workout equipment you can take with you wherever you go? The Omniglide may be exactly what you're looking for!
Electric Ab Stimulator review Electric Ab Stimulators Do electric ab stimulators really work? Can you achieve ripped abdominals simply by turning on the electricity?
CAT Skis This innovative piece of cross-country ski equipment has the potential to provide you with some of the most powerful cardiovascular workouts you'll ever experience in your life.

Do you have suggestions for equipment reviews or do you have a piece of equipment that you manufacture or sell that you'd like to have reviewed? Feel free to Contact Us!

Fitness & Training Equipment Articles

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