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The Forearm Bar Review - Forearm and Wrist Training Equipment



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"The Forearm Bar" Review

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Does this uniquely designed piece of equipment have the
potential to quickly pack muscle and strength onto your
forearms? Find out here.

The Forearm Bar Review

Strong forearms and grip can make or break your training. If your forearms are weak, you won't be able to lift as much weight and you won't be able to hang onto bars or dumbells as long. That means lower overall strength and muscle development.

Also, large, vascular forearms make you stand out in a crowd even while you've got your shirt on! Powerful-looking forearms simply jump out and make people take notice.

The Forearm Bar, an innovative piece of equipment from the Monster Bar Company, has taken a very unique approach to forearm training: use leverage to maximize the tension on the forearms. Is this approach effective? Read on...

In the words of the maker of the Forearm Bar:

"The Forearm Bar off-sets the weight at 35 degrees and sets the hands at a seven degree angle. This allows you to stand and directly flex the weight for optimal range of motion resulting in substantially increased muscle concentration and forearm/wrist strength development. If you are currently using the barbell method, rolling up a weighted rope, using a tension controlled device or dumbbells to develop your forearms and wrist strength you're working with 50-60% efficiency."

To better understand the details of this review, click here to see pictures and videos of the Forearm Bar in action:

So does the Forearm Bar live up to its claims? Here are my experiences with the bar:

1. The leverage mechanics of the bar definitely make the bar more effective in placing tension directly on the muscles of the forearms, even when in a standing position. With the unique design of the bar, the weight is located a few inches in front of the bar itself, allowing for a direct line of pull while in a standing position.

The benefit of this is dramatically increased forearm muscle activation without having to use as much weight, which means more muscle building for the effort you put in with less chance of injury!

2. The 7 degree angle of the handles is a more natural position for the wrists than a simple straight bar. One of the main problems with doing straight-bar barbell curls too much is in the forced supination (the position where your palms are facing up), which places stress on the wrist joints. Over time, this can lead to injury. The Forearm Bar, by angling the handles, makes the wrist curl and the bicep curl movement much more natural, giving you better results without wrist pain.

3. When doing bicep curls with the Forearm Bar, you are forced to grip VERY strongly onto the bar to keep the bar from rotating in your hand. The high-density foam padding on the bar handles allows you to really dig in and activate not only the biceps but the forearms as well. The position of the weight out in front of the bar helps to put more tension on the biceps than a standard curl. You're fighting not only the weight itself but the pull of the weights trying rotate down.

The benefit of this tension and gripping requirement is more focused bicep activation, increasing the efficiency of your workout. It also put a very different type of tension on the biceps - if your bicep training is stale, this bar will give it a good kick to get past a plateau.

4. The construction is commercial-grade...very high quality and able to take the toughest abuse. This bar will last a lifetime. The weight post on the bar sometimes did not rotate around to be directly in line with how I was holding the bar but I didn't find it affected the quality of the exercise at all. It was more of a visual thing than anything that actually affected the movements.

5. This bar allows for one of the best pre-exhaust supersets for forearms that I've come across, allowing a person to really push the forearms hard for faster results in forearm strength and muscle-building.

First, you do the standing wrist curl until you can't do anymore wrist curls. Then you immediately begin doing regular curls. The forearms are employed with gripping in the curl movement and are worked extremely hard as they are already fatigued from the wrist curls! The same technique can be used with reverse curls. While this superset works okay with a regular barbell, it really shines with the Forearm Bar because of the unique demands placed on the forearms during a bicep curl movement.

6. The Forearm Bar, by working with leverage, allows you to use less weight than with regular barbells and still get greater tension on the forearm muscles. This means less joint stress and more muscle-building tension.


If you're interested in a very effective and versatile piece of training equipment that can be used for forearm and bicep training, the Forearm Bar is definitely something to add to your equipment roster. The Forearm Bar gives you a very strong pump in the forearms and the unique angles of the handles allows a more natural feel during the forearm exercises, making your hard forearm work more productive.


To learn more about The Forearm Bar and
to get one for yourself, please click here.

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