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Fitness & Training Equipment Reviews - The CAT Ski  Review - Cross Country Ski Training Equipment



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"The CAT Ski" Review

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This innovative piece of cross-country ski equipment has the potential
to provide you with some of the most powerful cardiovascular
workouts you'll ever experience in your life.

The CAT Ski Review


One of the best all-around physical activities for improving your health and fitness just got better. What activity am I talking about? It's cross-country skiing!

However, what I'm about to tell you could change the way you look at cross-country skiing forever...

[Note: if you're not into cross-country skiing, but have friends or family who are, please pass this information on to them - it has the potential to dramatically improve their skiing and they will have you to thank for turning them onto it!]

If you've ever tried cross-country skiing, you know exactly what I mean when I say it's one of the best all-around physical activities for improving your health and fitness. It's truly one of the most effective ways to get your body into shape quickly. Not only does it work practically every muscle in your body, burning large amounts of calories in short periods of time, it is one of the absolute best forms of exercise for developing your cardiovascular system.

I think we all agree that cross-country skiing is a great form of exercise, but what do you do when there's no snow on the ground? What if you live where there is no snow? What if you do if you have snow but there are no trails close to you?

Enter: the CAT Ski.


"CAT Ski" stands for "Classic All-Terrain Ski" and its goal is to allow you to cross-country ski on any terrain on almost any surface in any season! Does the CAT Ski achieve this goal? You're going to find out...

Recently, I met the inventor of the CAT Ski, Dale Niggemann, at his manufacturing facility in Wisconsin. After touring the facility and learning how the skis are made, I took a pair of CAT Skis out for a "test drive."

How The CAT Ski Works:

The construction of the CAT Ski is deceptively simple. At first glance, it appears to be a fairly regular ski complete with a sliding foot plate with strategically-placed bungees attached to it.

It can be tricky to visualize just through a written description alone but, basically, you plant the ski on the ground and your foot slides forward on the ski, stretching the bungees. Then you do the same thing with the other foot. While you are doing it with the other foot, you lift the ski off the ground, removing your bodyweight from the ski and the bungees pull the slider back into the start position where you can go again from there.

In essence, the ski itself isn't actually sliding - you are sliding on top of the ski, using the top surface of the ski itself as snow instead of sliding on the ground.

Click here to see a video demo of how the CAT Ski works.

Sliding on the ski rather than the ground is an extremely powerful and useful concept - the bottom surface of the CAT Ski is basically just a stable surface upon which you slide. You can place this stable surface on practically ANY other surface, from pavement to sand to grass to gravel and still be able to slide freely on top of the ski itself. The ski doesn't slide on the ground - you slide on the ski!

Is The CAT Ski Effective?

In a nutshell, yes. The CAT Ski is extremely effective in terms of not only mimicking the "Classic" style of cross-country skiing (the diagonal style you normally associate with cross-country skiing, as opposed to the "skating" style), but also in terms of cardiovascular benefits.

Cross-country skiing holds undeniable benefits to the person interested in improving their cardio capacity and losing bodyfat. CAT Skiing, in my experience after testing the CAT Ski as compared to many years of cross-country skiing on snow, is actually MORE challenging to the cardiovascular system than regular snow skiing. And, you can do it anywhere, any season!

You will know you've done a workout when you get done with a CAT Ski session! It does get easier as you develop your technique and get more comfortable on the CAT Skis, but the challenge is definitely still there as are the tremendous cardiovascular benefits.

I've also found the CAT Ski to be an excellent piece of equipment for teaching better, more efficient cross-country skiing technique. Let me put it this a former cross-country ski racer myself, I felt I had reasonably good skiing technique. After using the CAT Skis for only half an hour, I could feel EXACTLY how my technique could be improved to dramatically increase my skiing efficiency and speed.

It wasn't something that could be easily explained or demonstrated with standard teaching methods - the "feel" of the CAT Ski and how it operated actually taught me how to better transfer power and improve my stride.

Who Is The CAT Ski Appropriate For?

The CAT Ski will work best for you if you are already comfortable with basic cross-country skiing technique. The more experienced a skier you are, the easier the technique for the CAT Ski will come to you.

Unfortunately, it's not a piece of equipment that you will be able to jump on and immediately start skiing down a dirt road like it was snow. You can definitely achieve that level of skill but it does require some practice.

The first session is not going to be easy. In fact, you will get a great workout just learning the basic technique! Once you've started picking up the technique, improvements come quickly, though, and those who are more recreational skiers will certainly be able to benefit greatly from the CAT Ski.

If you have never cross-country skied before, however, this is honestly probably not the equipment for you.

But if you are an avid cross-country skier, interested in improving your skiing technique, you're going to LOVE the CAT Ski. It is an extremely powerful piece of training equipment that can help you dramatically improve your technique in a very short amount of time.

It will also help you get in and stay in amazing shape for skiing year-round! When you hit the ski trails in the winter, you'll already be at the top of your game.


Is the CAT Ski a useful piece of training equipment? Absolutely. Is the CAT Ski for everyone? Probably not. But if you're familiar with cross-country skiing and looking to make rapid improvements in both technique and cardiovascular capacity, the CAT Ski could be one of the most powerful training tools you have at your disposal.

To learn more about the CAT Ski, how it works and where you can get a pair, please visit ( now!

The inventor of the CAT Ski, Dale Niggemann, can be contacted at:

Sisu Co.
8057 Lake Rd.
Stevens Point, Wisconsin, 54481


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