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Have a look at some of the articles published in previous issues of BetterU News...

10 Things You Can Do To Lose Fat Without Even Trying

Training With Muscle Soreness - Should You Do It? And Can It Actually Help You Get BETTER Results?

Compound Exercise Overload - One of THE Most Stunningly Powerful Single Workouts You Will EVER DO

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Issue # Topics  
1) What Are The "Basic Exercises" and Why Should You Care?
2) 10 Things You NEED to Know When Choosing A Gym...Save Yourself a Boatload of Time AND Money!
3) Secret Training Tip #732 - Shoulder Barbell Split Squats...a KILLER Leg Exercise You Can Use At-Home or At the Gym
4) Neuro Fitness - The New Wave In Fat Loss
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1) 5 Fat-Loss Myths That Are Stopping Your Progress COLD
2) Secret Training Tip #553 - Hand-Over-Hand Chin-Ups
3) How I've Trained Around Injuries
Read it!
1) Breathing...You Could Be Doing It All Wrong and It Could Be Costing You Results!
2) How to Gain Muscle Mass on 3 Meals a Day
3) Secret Training Tip #992 - One-Legged Glute Deadlifts - Do Your Thighs Always Take Over When Training Glutes? Not With THIS Exercise...
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #322 - High/Low Lactic Acid Training For Maintaining Strength While Dropping Fat
2) Taking It To The MAX! Bodybuilding Techniques Gone Horribly Wrong...
3) Training Product Review - Hardcore Circuit Training For Men
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1) Secret Training Tip #879 - The BEST Way I've Found To Do Incline Barbell Bench Press
2) Will Fruit Make You Fat?
3) How to Spot Reduce and Burn ONLY the Fat Off Your Stomach...
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1) Got No Chest? How to Feel Your Pecs Actually WORK When You Do Chest Training
2) Secret Training Tip #887 - Cable Gripping Trunk Twists For a TIGHT, Powerful, Rock-Solid Core
3) 10 Ways To Use Your Workout Towel OTHER Than Wiping Up Sweat...
Read it!
1) How To Do a Chin-Up If You've NEVER Done One Before
2) Why You MUST Be Inefficient For Maximum Fat Loss
3) Secret Training Tip #155 - Braced Leg Squats...A Compound Exercise For Quads That FEELS Like An Isolation Exercise...
4) Training Product Review - Flexsolate Straps
Read it!
1) Want a Big Chest? Then Learn How To Do Heavy Dumbell Bench Press On the Swiss Ball...
2) Fitness and Nutrition Information Overload And Contradictions - Learn What's Good, What's Bad And How You Can Tell The Difference!
3) Secret Training Tip #990 - Making a Hack Squat Machine in the Squat Rack...Your Ticket To Powerful Legs!
Read it!
1) The Muscle-Building Troubleshooter...
2) 2 Cable Cross-Over Tricep Exercises To Fill Out Those Horseshoes and Stop Those Flapping Batwings...
Guest Article By Dennis B. Weis "The Yukon Hercules"
Read it!
1) Daily Specialization 2.0... How to Use Progressive Resistance For MONSTER Gains
2) Build Huge, Muscular Biceps Scientifically By Dennis B. Weis "The Yukon Hercules"
3) Training Equipment Review - Sandbag Training
4) Losing Fat is Like Draining a Swimming Pool...Why Spot Reduction Just Doesn't Hold Water
Read it!
1) Is Muscle Soreness Necessary For Muscle Growth?
2) Secret Training Tip #221 - Hip Flexors AREN'T Evil...Do They Hold The Key to Faster Running Speed?
3) Training Equipment Review - The Football Bar
4) The Top 20 Excuses Why New Year's Resolutions to Lose Weight End in Failure
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #991 - One-Sided Barbell Deadlifts For Lower Body and Core Strength
2) My Strategy for Surviving the Holidays - Guest Article by Charles Staley
3) How to Keep Losing When Its Boring - Guest Article by Leigh Peele
Read it!
1) Why Dieting Is A Lot Like a Financial Crisis
2) Time/Volume Training - A Program For Building Mass Even With Bodyweight Exercises!
3) Full-Range Pulldowns For Carving Definition Into Every Inch Of Your Back
4) Occam's Barbell*: Putting An End To Paralysis By Analysis - Guest Article by Charles Staley
Read it!
1) 8 Ways to Train the Forearms For Maximum Grip Strength and Size - Wrist Curls Not Included!
2) The EDT Fat Loss Solution - Lose 1/2% Fat Per Week With NO Dietary Changes - Guest Article by Charles Staley and Alwyn Cosgrove
3) Secret Training Tip #155 - How To Do Pull-Ups At Home When You Don't Have a Pull-Up Bar
4) Training Equipment Review - Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Home Gym System by Bodylastics
Read it!
1) Why Your Glutes Are Small, Flat and Shapeless…It Could Be All In How You STAND!
2) Smart Cardio For Strength, Mass and Fat-Loss - Guest Article By Charles Staley
3) "THE GREAT ABS MISTAKE "He Was Doing One Thousand Crunches and Sit Ups A Day... But Still NO Abs!!!" - Guest Article by Tom Venuto
Read it!
1) Cardio Training For Fat Loss - Should I Do It BEFORE or AFTER My Weight Training For Best Results?
2) Secret Training Tip #2403 - Bodyweight Preacher Curls For TRASHING Your Biceps
3) My Four "No Fail" Principles For Quick and Easy Weight Gain
4) Don't Count Calories - Just Shift Them
Guest Article by Joey Atlas
Read it!
1) Using HIGH Reps To Build Muscle? Three Ways To Do It That Will Shatter ANY Muscle Growth Plateau!
2) The EatSmart Nutrition Scale - Product Review
3) Secret Training Tip #663 - Lengthwise Barbell Donkey Calf Raises
4) My Top 10 Favorite Diet Foods Of All Time
Read it!
1) The 5 Most Effective Exercises and Training Techniques That Will Get You Kicked Out Of A "Normal" Gym!
2) The "Real-World Muscle Authorities" Teleseminar Interview Series...Your ALL EXPENSES PAID FULL-ACCESS PASS
3) Secret Training Tip #446 - Dumbell Crawling - An INSANELY EFFECTIVE Abdominal Exercise That Will Leave You Crawling On The Floor... Literally!
4) Is Calorie-Counting Truly Necessary For Fat Loss?
Read it!
1) The Top 5 Most Unconventional Things I've Ever Done To Lose Fat, Build Muscle or Gain Strength
2) Secret Training Tip #964 - Side-To-Side Barbell Shoulder Presses For Building Shoulder Width and Explosive Power!
3) Is Your Fat-Burning Exercise Routine Keeping You Fat And Unhealthy? Guest Article By Rob Poulos
4) Training Equipment Review - Haulin' Hooks...Can They Help You Grip More Weight For Longer?
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #225 - Barbell Curl Squats - The Toughest (and Most Effective!) Core Strength Exercise You Will EVER Do
2) Secret Training Tip #226 - Chain and Plate Curls For DESTROYING Your Biceps!
3) Secret Training Tip #228 - Weight Plate Pizza Presses for Shoulders
Read it!
1) The Upsidedown Training Program - Learn How To Train Completely "Wrong" To Get Fantastic Results in Strength and Muscle Mass
2) Secret Training Tip #671 - How To Do The BEST PULL-UP EVER
3) The Four Absolutely CRITICAL Pieces Of Training Equipment You NEED To Start Your Home Gym With
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #990 - Bench Press Leg Raise Crunches For Lower Abs
2) Secret Training Tip #991 - Trunk Twists With a Twist - Tighten Your Love Handles NOW
3) How To Train To WIDEN The Hips - Yes, It CAN Be Done!
4) Read The Winning Entry in our Funniest Workout Story Contest!
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #668 - Barbell Cursing Lunges To TORCH Your Quads
2) How To Train To Reduce Muscle Size ON PURPOSE
3) 10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Increase Your Bench Press FAST
4) The Winner Of Last Month's Contest and a NEW Contest For July! Tell Us Your Funniest Workout Story!
Read it!
1) My Practical "Lazy Cook" Recipes For Building Muscle! So Easy Even a Caveman Can Make Them...
2) Secret Training Tip #346 - Work Your Lats With One Of The VERY FEW True Isolation Exercises For The Back
3) The Hardest, Most BRUTAL Workout I've Ever Done In My Life - Read This Then Tell About Me Yours! Best Workout Story Gets a Prize!
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #665 - The CURE For Stubborn Shoulders...The Two-Phase Barbell Shoulder Press
2) FDA Threatens Your Freedom - An IMPORTANT Guest Article from Jon Benson
3) 8 Week Cardio Interval Training Blast! Get Increased Fat Loss AND Take Your Cardio Fitness To A Whole New Level
4) How To Make Your OWN Bodybuilding & Fat Loss Supplements By Jeff Anderson, "The Muscle Nerd"
Read it!
1) Compound Exercise Overload - One of THE Most Stunningly Powerful Single Workouts You Will EVER DO
2) Why "Toning Up" Can Spell Disaster For Your Fitness Results!
3) Training Equipment Review - IronWoody Training Bands - Get Ready To Build Some Serious Strength and Muscle Mass!
4) Secret Training Tip #667 - Crunch Pulldowns For a Great Six-Pack
Read it!
1) Training Equipment Review - The Lean Abs Machine
2) How To Lose Fat NOW - A Basic Fat-Loss Program That You Can Put To Work Today!
3) Secret Training Tip #119 - How to REALLY Do Incline Curls To Mass Up Your Biceps FAST!
4) Secret Training Tip #120 - My VERY Favorite Leg Exercise (I Like It Even More Than Barbell Squats For Working The Thighs HARD!)
Read it!
1) Cable-Barbell Curls - "Hybrid Training" For Incredible Biceps!
2) A Quick, "No B.S." Guide To Muscle-Building and Fat-Loss Supplementation
3) All I Want For Christmas Is...
Read it!
1) No-Rest Lactic Acid Supersetting - Supercharge Your Metabolism For Fat Loss!
2) The Lebert Equalizer - Training Equipment Review
3) Secret Training Tip #991 - Pike Handstand Push-Ups and Horizontal Push-Ups
Read it!
1) Training The Stretch - A Stretch Position Superset That Will Pile on Muscle
2) Secret Training Tip #891 - Leaning Wrist Curls - A Forearm BLAST
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #881 - Suitcase-Style One Arm Deadlifts
2) Secret Training Tip #882 - Cable Cross-Over Machine Adductions For Inner Thighs AND For Better Squatting
3) "All Star Trainers Secrets to Maximum Muscle Gain and Fat Loss in 30 Days" - New, Innovative Addition - Video Chapter!!
Read it!
1) Hemp Protein - Can This Whole-Food Protein Source Match Or Exceed The "Star-Power" of Whey?
2) Training With Muscle Soreness - Should You Do It? And Can It Actually Help You Get BETTER Results?
3) Secret Training Tip #733 - Reverse Grip Curls - How This Underused, Underrated Exercise Can Unleash Your Arm Size
4) The Most Critical Lessons I Learned In My Very First Year of Training That Can Help YOU Maximize Muscle and Fat Loss
Read it!
1) The Secrets of Negative Training That Nobody Else Can Tell You - Dropping Points, Partial Negatives, 2 Up/1 Down and More!
2) Secret Training Tip #991 - Lying Cable-Curl Crunches - A Unique Exercise For Shredding the Upper Abs
3) BASIC Nutrition - A Quick, Common-Sense Guide To What You Should Be Eating to Stay Healthy and Get Results Right Now
4) You Snooze You Lose: Use Your Subconscious To Get You Out Of Bed And To The Gym - Guest Article By Dr. Tom Kersting
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #235 - The Most Powerful Tricep Workout That You Will EVER Do
2) Cutting Through The Hype Of Supplement Ads - No Punches Pulled
3) Training Equipment Review - The AMP Bar
4) 7 Top Fitness Newsletters - Guest Article by Marc David
Read it!
1) Road Warrior Training - Keep in Shape While Traveling!
2) Secret Training Tip #519 - The Biceps Blasting In-Set Superset
3) The #1, Without Question, WORST Thing You Can Do In The Gym That Will Cost You YEARS Of Frustration!
Read it!
1) The Glycemic Diet - Does This "Heir-Apparent" to the Fading Low-Carb Diet Boom Hold The Key to Effective Fat Loss?
2) Secret Training Tip #444 - Full-Range Calf Raises
3) Training Equipment Review - The Forearm Bar
4) Bodybuilding Products That SHOULD Be Invented
Read it!
1) Supersets - What They Are, Why They Work, and Several Unique Variations You Can Try In Your Next Workout
2) Training Software Review - Workout Manager by BuildingYourBody
3) Secret Training Tip #914 - 10 of the Most Unique and Powerful Training Tips That You WON'T Find Anywhere Else
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #551 - 10 Unique and Powerful Tips For Taking Your Barbell Squats To The Next Level and Beyond!
2) My Father, Alex Nilsson, at 70 Years Old, Roller Skiing Across Canada - Mission Accomplished!
3) Common Sense Protein FAQ - Get Answers To Your Most Frequently-Asked Questions About Protein
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #787 - Two Dumbell Ball Twists
2) Training Frequency - How Often Do You Need To Train To Get The
Best Possible Results For Your Muscles?
3) How to Lose the Most Fat and Build the Most Muscle in 30 Days
Read it!
1) My Father - Why is a 70 Year Old Swede Roller Skiing Across The Entire Country of Canada?
2) Secret Training Tip #508 - Set Your Muscles On Fire With Unbalanced Barbell Loading
3) Working The Outer Triceps
By Ray Burton
4) Training Equipment Review - Kettlebell Construction Set!
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #998 - Lying Rolling Floor Laterals...Simply THE Most Powerful, Results-Producing Rear Delt Exercise You Will EVER Use
2) Training Equipment Review - The Formulator - Build Your Forearms FAST
3) "Bodybuilding Sins" That Cause Back Pain and Missed Workouts by Steve Hefferon, CMT and Jesse Cannone, CFT
4) Corn Dogs, Cheeseburgers, Custard and Other Diet Foods...
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tips #1-10 - Exercise Tips and Tricks For Your Favorite Exercises - Part I
2) Training Equipment Review - Power Hooks
3) What is the Glycemic Index?
By Gary Matthews
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #734 - How One Single Set of One Single Rep of One Single Exercise Can Build Massive, Strong Biceps
2) Training Equipment Review - Omniglide
3) Your Keys To Rock-Solid Ankle Stability, Explosive Sports Performance and Incredible Balance!
Read it!
1) Training Equipment Review - 1 Ton Hooks
2) Fat Loss Circuit Training - a revolutionary fat-burning, metabolism-boosting training technique
3) Secret Training Tip #337 - Powerful Tips, Tricks and Techniques For Building Larger, Firmer, Rounder Glutes
Read it!
1) When One Side of a Muscle Is Smaller Than The Other - How To Train To Fix It
2) Secret Training Tip #995 - How To Effectively Work and Build the Upper Chest
3) Practical Exercise Ideas for the Time-Strapped Person
4) A Bitingly Sarcastic Look at Useless Supplements and Worthless Training Equipment
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #321 - Squatting With Your Core - This Never-Before-Seen Technique Can Make You Stronger in the Squat Instantly!
2) Low-Carb Backlash - Is the Low-Carb Cookie Crumbling?
3) The "Sting Ray" For Front Squats - Training Equipment Review
4) Nine Sure-Fire Ways To Gain Fat
Read it!
1) How To Be The Best Spotter In The Gym
2) The All Around Wrist Roller Equipment Review
3) Secret Training Tip # 709 - Improvise a Shoulder Press Machine
4) The Complete Gym Personality Guide - Part 2
Read it!
1) Triple Add Sets - A Revolutionary New Intensity Technique That Will Work ALL Your Muscle Fibers In One Set!
2) Training Equipment Review - The Manta Ray - Is It a Squatters Dream Come True?
3) Secret Training Tip #374 - The Pull-Up Row
4) The Complete Gym Personality Guide - Part 1
Read it!
1) Daily Specialization Training - Transform Your Weakest Bodyparts Into Your STRONGEST Bodyparts!
2) Damn, That Pain In My Ass! Here's what you need to know about Piriformis Syndrome (Sciatic Pain)... by Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS + Steve Hefferon, CMT
3) Secret Training Tip #452 - Taking One-Arm Dumbell Rows To The MAX!
4) RANTS #2 - I've Got More To Say And There's No Stopping Me Now!
Read it!
1) The Insider Secrets of Interval Training - Learn How Now!
2) Secret Training Tip #345 - I Can't Believe You Just Did That Exercise On That Machine! Part I
3) My Mike Mentzer Training Experience
By Paul Becker of
4) Defective Repetitions - Do Any of These Styles Describe You?
Read it!
1) Impact Carbs, Net Carbs and Effective Carbs - Is Marketing Slang Messing With Your Low-Carb Diet?
2) Secret Training Tip #927 - Two Ab Exercises With a Twist For Rock-Hard Obliques and Explosive Core Power
3) The "Super Deadlift Bar" Equipment Review - Is it Effective?
4) RANT - Move over Dennis Miller--I've Got Some Things To Say About Health, Fitness and Nutrition.
Read it!
1) Five Exercises You MUST Avoid If You Want To Stay Injury-Free
2) Secret Training Tip #478 - Braced Incline Curls; a New Biceps Blaster
3) How I Gained 25 Pounds in One Week
4) Why We Get Fat - Hunting Big Macs and Gathering French Fries
Read it!
1) How To Take Advantage Of Holiday Weight Gain
2) Personalize Your Training Program Right Down To The Muscle Fiber
3) Secret Training Tip #88 - Cable Pushdown Curls
4) Another of the Worst, Most Horrifying Workouts I've Ever Witnessed
Read it!
1) Training on the Edge - Learn How Overtraining on Purpose Can Get You Maximum Results FAST!
2) The Training Partner: Best Friend or Worst Nightmare?
3) Secret Training Tip #961 - Hanging Dumbell Leg Curls
4) 38 Pieces of Interesting and Useful Training Trivia to Make You The Life of the Party.
Read it!
1) Cardio or Weights. Weights or Cardio. What's It Going To Be?
2) 5 Groundbreaking Calf Training Tips
3) Stop Wasting Your Protein Powder! How to Use Protein Powder For Maximum Results
4) The Ten Worst Pieces of Exercise Equipment I've Ever Used
Read it!
1) How Fat Loss Pills Can Make You Fatter
2) Mind Games - Powerful Mental Strategies For Getting More Reps Out Of Every Single Set You Do
3) Secret Training Tip #318 - Squatting Cable Curls
4) You Know You're a Dedicated Trainer When...
Read it!
1) How to Gain Muscle By Eating NO Protein
2) Are You Cheating Yourself Out Of 50% or More Of Your Hard-Earned Results?
3) Secret Training Tip #579 - Power Rack Dips - A Unique Set-Up For a More Powerful Dip
4) Bodybuilding Supplements That Never Made It Past The Drawing Board
Read it!
1) The Sculptor in Training - Working Different Parts of the Same Muscle
2) Secret Training Tip #622 - High-Rep Partial Training
3) Habits, Not Diets - By Tom Venuto
4) Diary of a Trainee - Author Unknown
Read it!
1) You Don't Know Squat About Squats
2) Seven Quick Tips To Speed Up Your Metabolism and Burn Fat Faster
3) Secret Training Tip #793 - Seated Hanging Leg Raises
4) The Great Big List of Calorie-Free Foods
Read it!
1) Partial Training For Full-Powered Results
2) Secret Training Tip #427 - Chain & Plate Side Delt Laterals
3) Healthy Eating Principles by Dr. Kem Thompson
4) 10 More of the Most Outrageous Exercises I've Ever Seen...
Read it!
1) Secret Training Tip #342 - Dancing With Yourself - How to Do Negative Training Without A Training Partner.
2) Interview With Bill Pearl - by Dennis Weis - Bodybuilding Nutrition
3) 20 Things To Do and Not Do When First Starting an Exercise Program
Read it!
1) Eight Mistakes I've Made In My Training and How You Can Avoid Them
2) Secret Training Tip #685 - A Back Blasting Superset - Bent-Over Rows to Deadlifts.
3) 11 Things You Can Do In The Gym To Mess With People's Minds
Read it!
1) Bill Pearl's Training Strategies
By Dennis B. Weis "The Yukon Hercules"
2) Small Ball Crunches - An Amazing Abdominal Exercise For Everyone From Beginner To Advanced!
3) The Absolute Worst, Most Incredibly Terrible Workout I've Ever Witnessed In My Entire Life!
Read it!
1) Intensity Techniques That Will "Kill" You AND Make You Stronger
2) Wave Goodbye to Flabby Arms - Bench Dips For The Triceps and How to Make Them Work Better For You
3) Top 10 Holiday Weight GAIN Strategies! :)
4) DEHYDRATION - Be Aware! By Mark Kovacs
Read it!
1) How To Do The Perfect Bench Press Rep
2) Escape the Fat-Free Diet Trap
by Cymber Quinn
3) Breathing Backwards - Supercharge Your Back Workout NOW!
4) Stupid Sports Quotes - So how much do these guys get paid?
Read it!
1) How Stretching Can Explode Your Muscle Growth.
2) 10 Things You Can Do To Lose Fat Without Even Trying
3) Target: Rear Delts. One simple movement and they'll be on fire!
4) Cracked Up Glossary Of Common Gym Terms
Read it!
1) Strong To The Core of Your Being - Dramatically improve sports and weightlifting performance and say goodbye to lower back pain!
2) The Most Amazing (and Ridiculously Simple) Trick For Stiff-Legged Deadlifts You Will Ever Read In Your Life!
3) Pizza, French Fries, Beer and Other Diet Foods... How to eat your favorite junk food by the ton and still lose all the fat you want!
Read it!
1) Follow the Path of MOST Resistance! Learn why weight training is the fast track to sculpting your body.
2) Unstable And Proud Of It! This amazing technique turns the ordinary push-up into an exercise "in stability."
3) Tenderizing Meat and Other Uses For Home Exercise Equipment
4) Obesity is Emptying Your Wallet
by Cymber S. Quinn
Read it!
1) What Do You Mean Low-Intensity Training Isn't The Best For Fat Burning?
2) Get a Grip! Squeeze more results from every single rep of your dumbell curls just by changing how you hold them.
3) Don't Blow Your Nose In The Water Fountain - Discover some of the more "colorful" rules of the gym.
Read it!
1) Protein Part 1: I Didn't Realize How Important Protein Was For Fat Loss Until I Discovered Something That Blew My Mind...
2) Protein Part 2: How to Maximize The Results You Get From Your Protein Powder. Timing Is Everything!
3) Protein Part 3: The Best Protein Powder and How To Get It Dirt Cheap!
4) Secret Training Tip #240 - Waist Your Breath - Breathing For A Thinner Waist
5) Resistance Training With Your Dog
Read it!
1) Ephedra - Is It Safe And Effective?
2) Secret Training Tip #178 - One Simple Movement Can Double the Effectiveness of Pulldowns
3) The Top 10 Most Outrageous Exercises I've Ever Seen
Read it!
1) The Atkins Diet - Separating Fact From Fiction
2) Secret Training Tip #242 - Be 10% Stronger in Leg Curls Instantly!
3) Did You Know? When To Eat To Lose Fat
Read it!
1) Do Electric Ab Stimulators Really Work?
Read it!
1) The Best Time of Day To Train For Fat Loss
Read it!
1) Welcome to BetterU, Inc.!
2) This Issue's Fitness Question
3) Tips of the Week
4) Fitstep Funnies
Read it!

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