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Muscle Building Questions & Answers



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Muscle Building Questions
& Answers

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As a 64 year old man, can I still expect muscle growth and what amount and type of exercise will achieve this?

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Why is it that people who want to lose weight are told to exercise and people that want to gain weight are told the same thing? If exercise builds muscle why would people that want to lose weight want to exercise when its building muscle?

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3. I am 21 years old and have been weight lifting for about a year. I wanted to know how can I build pecs that pop out of my shirt, just like the large, round chests in the muscle magazines. Click Here
4. I am interested in your Gluteus Maximus program because I have a small butt in comparison to the rest of my body. However I do not want to build any bigger on my legs or anywhere else. Will this still work for me? My concern is having to eat specifically to increase my butt and at the same time increasing the size of my legs or arms! Click Here
5. As a hard gainer with gastrointestinal problems and HIV positive how can I get muscle mass and get ripped? I'm not on any meds and my body gives out so quickly when I try to lift heavy. I don't have an exercise partner so doing really heavy dumbells and bench presses are a little difficult for me. What do I do? Click Here
6. I'm 13 years old and I've been lifting weights for 2 years now. I have my own program and I would like to know if it's ok for someone my age. On the first day I work on the chest and tricep. For the chest I do flat bench- bench press, inclined bench-bench press, declined bench- bench press, dumbell flat bench. For the triceps I do close hand bench press, dips, dips between benches, skull crushers and one handed skull crushers. The second day I do bicep- curls, barbell curls, alternating curls, hammer curls, and concentration curls. The third day I do shoulders and back-shoulders-military press lateral raise, seated side lateral raise, side lateral raise, slanted lateral raise. back-upright rows, deadlift, dumbell dead lift, dumbell upright rows. I do that all over again ending saturday. I think it's too much, am I correct? Click Here


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