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Fat Loss Questions & Answers



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Fat Loss Questions & Answers

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I have heard that there is no such thing as target weight loss. Is this true and if so what do you do about problem areas? I also have a problem with arm jiggle if you have a remedy for that I would greatly appreciate it.

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I have a question about eating at night. I work out late and then go home, should I not eat? Isn't a caloric deficit necessary to lose fat? Why does timing matter? Don't bodybuilders eat in the middle of the night?

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I was wondering what types of exercises I can do to lose inches off my thighs without gaining a whole lot of muscle. I have muscular legs already, but I want to lose the fat around them. Do you have any diet tips or exercises to help me?

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My husband has been overweight and in the last year has lost 100 pounds. He looks good but he still has the fat on his chest. He thinks he has big man-boobs and he wants to know what to do to get rid of them and his flabby tummy. Any help would be great. He is lifting weights but that doesn't seem to be helping that area.

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5. Should I do cardio or weights first in order to lose fat? Click Here

I have a scale that measures body fat via an electric pulse. What are your thoughts on those? Should I have measurements taken with calipers?

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7. What do you think of fat burners? I don't want to take anything dangerous or anything that will create health problems down the road! I just want to see better results than I see now. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Click Here
8. My arms are very flabby, but at the same time sort of muscular. How can I reduce the fat without increasing the muscle too much? Click Here
9. I have one major problem area: my thighs, mainly in the back near the buttocks. I have the dimple effect happening. I was wondering what I have to do to get rid of these unsightly cottage cheese thighs. Click Here
10. They say that cardio done first thing in the morning is good as it targets only fat. Is this because the muscle reserves of carbohydrates are low to zero in the morning and therefore the cardio hits only the fat? Click Here
11. What is one important thing people neglect about fat loss? Click Here
12. I have saddle bags. Not overly huge, mind you, but I'd like to find some exercises that target the outer hip area to slim them down a bit. Is there anything I could do that might help me? Click Here
13. I recently heard that walking at a fast walk burns more fat than jogging or running. This does not make sense to me, but I wanted to check on it. What do you know about it? Click Here
14. Can you compare a handheld body fat calculator (that sends a weak electrical current through your body to calculate body fat percentage) to a person's Body Mass Index? Are the two comparable at all? If a person's body fat percentage is calculated with the hand held device (I believe it is called bio-impedance) and then their BMI is calculated using the formula, would you expect the two numbers to agree? If so, what are the similarities? And if not, what is the difference? Click Here
15. I have been trying for 3+ years to lose the spare tire around my waist. I have a very fit body other than this area. How do I lose the love handles and get rid of that spare tire? Click Here
16. I am currently playing for my High School basketball team and the extra weight I am carrying on me is limiting my performance in the game. I would like to lose this weight as soon as possible to get back to being competitive on my basketball team. Click Here
17. Is working out on a stationary bike effective in eliminating cellulite? Click Here


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