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Exercise Technique Questions & Answers



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Exercise Technique Questions
& Answers

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What are some good exercises that I could do to get my butt firmer but not lose the shape?

  Click Here

What exercises would be most effective for the appearance of bust/breast enhancement?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing leg curls and leg extentions instead of doing squats?

Click Here
4. I've been doing a lot of crunches and sit-ups combined with aerobic exercise a few times a week for a few months, but I'm not seeing any results. I want to lose 30 pounds and get six-pack abs. Can you tell me the correct way to do crunches effectively because I think I may be doing them wrong? Click Here
5. I heard from my friend that weight training exercises can be differentiated into 3 types -- stamina building, power training and body shaping. Can you tell me the difference between the 3 types and elaborate a bit on the different exercises for the 3 types? Click Here
6. What is the main difference between using an EZ curl bar and using a straight bar for curls? Is one bar more effective for building the biceps? I like the feel of the curl bar but is it just as effective for building my biceps as a straight bar? Click Here
7. How can I tone and tighten my inner thighs? I use 2 lb ankle weights doing 3 sets of 8 of inner thigh abductions and 10 inner thigh squeezes for a count of 5. What else can I do to slim my inner thighs? Click Here
8. I want to tone my muscles and not build bulk. How many reps should I do? How many sets should I do? What exercises would help me achieve this? What exercises should I absolutely avoid? Click Here
9. I have a question about how fast you should lift weights. I heard it's good to lift both fast and slow. Can you give me advice about what pace I should go? Click Here
10. I run 3 to 4 times a week about 3 miles each time. I have really good strength from the waist down. I am 53 years old and have noticed a very visible atrophy of my upper chest and shoulder muscles. My back is weak, and lifting strength is almost nil. I have a bench and free weights at home, but do not belong to a gym. I want to build definition back into my arms, chest and shoulders, and I want to increase my back strength. Could you give me some pointers about what exercises to do? Click Here
11. I was wondering how big can one get without using a spotter? I have my dad spot me when I do bench press and that's about it. I work to failure with every exercise but if I had a spotter, I would push myself farther until I wouldn't even be able to lift the weights. If I have a spotter will I gain more mass? It's hard to find someone to spot because I lift in my basement and I don't know anyone who lifts at least 3 times per week, so it looks like I am lifting by myself. Click Here
12. What are the best exercises for biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and back? Click Here
13. I have a very small butt size and I want to know if there are any exercises I can use to make my butt bigger. Click Here
14. What are the best crunches for the lower abs? What are the best crunches for the upper abs? Click Here
15. Are upright rows a good exercise for building my deltoids and trapezius muscles? Also, I have read that upright rows will damage my rotator cuffs and put undue stress on my shoulder joints. Is this true or are upright rows a safe exercise to put in my shoulder workout? Do you think upright rows will hurt my shoulders? Click Here
16. I have a question about maxing out. I've heard that it's good and I've also heard that it's bad. If it's good, should I do that with all of my exercises like in arm curls, etc.? When should I do my maxing out and how often? Click Here

For shoulder exercises, you say that one needs to keep the shoulder-girdle down. I've always thought that one had to shrug the shoulder-girdle up for more effective shoulder presses. Can you tell me about this?

Click Here
18. What is the single best overall bodyweight exercise to do for strength and cardio benefits? Click Here
19. Could you tell me the best way to improve the trap muscles? I have full access to a gym. Click Here
20. What is a French Curl and how do you do it? Click Here
21. What are some lifts to build the part of the tricep down by the elbow (my triceps are really weak in that area)? Also, what are some exercises that build the outer part of the tricep? Click Here
22. I have been having problems bench pressing properly. This happen earlier this month and now I have a minor case of curvature of the spine. Should I be pressing while I have this condition? Click Here
23. What are the most effective forearm and tricep excercises? Click Here
24. Are there muscles on the inner part of your lower back, around the #1, 2, & 3 lumbar vertebrae and if there are what exercises can be done to strengthen them? Click Here
25. What exercise can I do to work out my lower body besides lunges, I have bad knees so lunges HURT? Click Here
26. I have no access to a gym nearby. I read your e-book about improvising equipment, however I can't make all the exercises on your program with only that. Could you give me some suggestions and examples of exercises that can be done at home or with daily items, for each part of the body (much like you have on the site, but with no equipment)? For instance, I can't find a way to do the lower back exercise you suggest, at home. Click Here



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