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Cardio Training Questions & Answers



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Cardio Training Questions
& Answers

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How can I make my spinning class more effective? I spin 3-4 times a week and love it, but want to keep improving cardio-wise & fat-burning wise.

  Click Here
2. I have recently purchased a mountain bike to help me to lose weight and get fit. Recently, whilst cycling I develop a pain in both my forearms. I am wondering why this is? Click Here
3. I wanted to know if you think it's a good idea to do aerobics on my off days. I want to gain weight so I don't know if I should do that. If I do aerobics will that help build muscle or hurt when the muscles need rest? Click Here
4. I know what anabolic and catabolic states are but I'm not sure how doing cardio work would affect my muscle gains due to the fact it induces a catabolic state but without stimulating muscle growth. Click Here
5. I have injured my tendon on the left side of my knee. I usually use the treadmill but have been told my injury can take up to six weeks to heal and that I shouldn't use the treadmill. I've been trying to come up with some other exercises that will produce the same results as the treadmill. Click Here
6. What is the theory behind interval training? I always do interval training as they say it is the best to lose fat. They say with interval training you burn fat all day. If there are carbs in the muscle wouldn't those burn? I am a little confused about when fat burns and when muscle glycogen is burnt for energy. Click Here
7. I'm a 20 year old guy who would like to get rid of some fat. I'm planning on taking up running. How much should I run every week and how should I start up? Click Here

What's the maximum amount of cardio you can do without losing muscle mass?

Click Here
9. Do some people react favorably to anaerobic exercise but not aerobic exercise? If so why? Click Here
10. I have recently begun using a stair machine. I have found that the front half of both feet and all my toes fall asleep and go completely numb after about 15 minutes! The shoes are new, the toe box seems adequately wide, and the shoes are very flexible. Any thoughts as to what the cause might be? Click Here
11. I am 5'9" & right now I weigh about 144lbs. A few months ago I dropped down to 129lbs. My question is, I have been doing cardio again for the past week trying to lose weight again, but I also wanna get more toned, BUT my main thing is I wanna wear my short shorts w/o them being snug like they are now. If I start weight training more than doing cardio & continue my excellent nutritional eating, will my shorts eventually fit comfy again w/o having to do so much cardio like I did few months ago?? AND, how often should I do cardio during the week? Click Here
12. When training someone who does not have much time, for long distance, such as marathons, is it ok to include both weights and cardio in the same workout? Would you recommend 3 days of lifting and 5-7 days of straight cardio? This is what I think, but as a beginning personal trainer, I am unsure. Click Here


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