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Guest Fitness and Training Articles

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6 Plateau-Busters for Bench Press These six exercises focus on building tricep strength to realize fast gains in the bench press. 2 Quick Recipe Tips Some great ideas for spicing up your bland protein foods.
7 Exercises to Become a More Explosive Lineman Learn the top exercises you can do to improve your football explosiveness as a lineman 7-Habits of Highly Effective High School Football Strength Training Programs This is what all top high-school football strength programs have in common.
3 Advanced Techniques for Building Muscle This video shows 3 great techniques to help you build muscle fast. Bulking and Cutting In this video, you will learn the main problem you get with the traditional bulking and cutting cycles.
Abs Training - The Defining Difference The three things you need to know to get six-pack abs Grip Strength Fix your weakest link with targeted grip strength training.
Rose Acosta's Butt Workout Learn the exercise and dietary techniques this model uses to work her butt. Toning Shoes Why You Have to Throw Them Out
5 Fat-Burning Foods Learn which five foods can help you burn fat without even trying. Exercise and Diet In order to lose weight people do not have to take diet pills, fat burners, weight loss supplements and other chemical pills...
A Guide to Stretching Get information on how, when and why you should stretch. Why Your Body Holds Onto Fat Learn several unique physiological reasons why your body feels it has to store fat.
Six Pack Abs in 3D Training the abs in 3 dimensions is critical to seeing your six-pack fast. How To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time Learn the methods for burning bodyfat while gaining muscle at the same time.
The Skinny on Dietary Fat Learn about the different types of dietary fat - what is bad and what is quite good for you! Tips for Healthy Snacking Here a few practical tips you can use to help keep your snacks healthy!
6 Surefire Fitness Plateau Busters Get 6 powerful strategies for breaking through any training plateau. Home Fitness Equipment Some good info on how to select home fitness equipment for your needs.
Diet and Exercise Basic information on how to lose fat and get started on an exercise program. Fat Loss Get moving in the right direction for fat loss.
Muscle Growth, Fat Loss and Sleep Find out how sleep (or lack of it) can affect your training results. Managing Insulin for Muscle Growth Insulin is a powerful muscle-building (and potentially fat-gaining!) hormone. Learn how to best use it here...
Should I Wear Contact Lenses While Playing Sports? Some good info on how to select the best type of contact lenses to use with sports. Interview With the Author of "The Lazy Man's Guide to Abs" Some great fat-loss info to be found in this 10 question fat-loss interview!
A Trans Fat that Can Make You Leaner? This is an eye-opening article on a natural trans fat that is actually GOOD for you and can help you burn fat. A Cereal Scam... Learn the facts about "healthy" kids's all a big scam.
Nick Nilsson Interviews Mike Westerdal For Lean Hybrid Muscle Get the inside scoop on this powerful program for building muscle while dropping fat. 5 Big Reasons Everyone Should Train Like Athletes Learn how training like an athlete can be your key to more muscle and less fat!
Why Dieting CAN'T Work Diets don't work...and CAN'T because of how your body reacts. Find out how to get around that. Suffering From Belly Fat? Learn how to use Lactic Acid Training to target Growth Hormone secretion to minimize cortisol and decrease belly fat.
12 Simple Muscle-Building Tips These 12 tips will set you on the right path to massive muscle gains! Exercise and Diet In order to lose weight people do not have to take diet pills, fat burners, weight loss supplements and other chemical pills...






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