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Fitstep Funnies - Fitness Jokes and Stories



Have a look at some of the articles published in previous issues of BetterU News...

RANT - Move over Dennis Miller--I've Got Some Things To Say About Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Pizza, French Fries, Beer and Other Diet Foods... How to eat your favorite junk food by the ton and still lose all the fat you want!

The Absolute Worst, Most Incredibly Terrible Workout I've Ever Witnessed In My Entire Life!

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Fitstep Funnies - Fitness
Jokes and Humor

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The Fitstep Funnies are dedicated to giving you a laugh about exercise. You will see that exercise and self-improvement doesn't always have to be a serious undertaking...

Fitness Jokes and Stories

Your Funniest Workout Stories - Contest Results!
We had a contest to see who could send in their funniest workout stories - the results were hilarious! There is some GREAT stuff here...


1. Points to Ponder:
A collection of interesting and amusing insights into health and fitness.

2. Diary of a Trainee:
What can happen when a first-time trainer meets a hard-nosed instructor.

3. Stupid Sports Quotes:
Yes, people actually said these things.

4. Passing Football:
Strength and talent isn't everything.

5. First-Time Golfer:
How the game is played.

6. Old-Fashioned Arm and Shoulder Workout:
How to use potato sacks to build yourself up fast!

7. Truth About Fat and Heart Attacks:
Learn the real single greatest risk factor for having a heart attack.

8. Fat-Loss Recipe Horror Stories
Do NOT try these at home...or anywhere, really.


BetterU News Humor Articles

In issues of our newsletter BetterU News, we also publish humerous articles, skewering everything from bad training technique to bad equipment, bad nutrition, bad supplements, exercises, you name it!



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