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Pushdowns - Exercise for the Triceps



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Tricep Pushdowns

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Primary Muscles Worked: Description:
Triceps Brachii The muscles on the back of the upper arms.


Pushdowns are an isolation exercise for the triceps (the muscle along the back of the arm) done using a high pulley or pulldown machine. This is one of the most common and easy to learn tricep exercises.

How to Do Pushdowns:

Top Postition of the Pushdown Bottom Position of the Pushdown
  • Stand facing a high pulley with a short pushdown bar.
  • Grip the bar with a palms-down, less than shoulder width grip.
  • Start with the bar at about chin level and your upper arms vertical.
  • Begin the movement by pushing the bar down and around in a wide arc.
  • Keep your elbows pinned tightly in to your sides and do not let your wrists bend back.
  • Squeeze hard at the bottom.
  • Let the bar up. Let up your upper arms angle up again until the bar is at chin level. Repeat.
  • Keep your lower back slightly arched tight and your chest out.

Tricks for Performing Pushdowns More Effectively:

  • When you come to the bottom of the movement, try to push the bar straight down towards the floor as though trying to push your body up. This will increase the contraction.

Common Errors in the Pushdown Exercise:

  • Not controlling the weight on the way up and using momentum on the way down - this is a combination of errors. If you don't control the weight as it comes up, you will have to use elastic force from the back muscles to rebound the weight back down.
  • This rebound back down reduces tricep activation.
  • If you continue to use momentum on the way down and don't squeeze the triceps during the movement then you will get very little out of this exercise except perhaps a backache.
  • Do this exercise in a slow and controlled manner.







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