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Miscellaneous Questions & Answers
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questions and answers

1.   Is it safe to box with resistance bands or dumbells in your hands?   Click Here
2. I'm playing baseball and looking to improve my performance. Can you recommend any lifting exercises to help improve my swing? Click Here
3. Why is it so bad to overtrain and how do you know if you are overtraining? Click Here
4. I have big, muscular legs (both calves and thighs). I know the bulk of it is muscle, not fat because they are solid when you pinch the area. I want to become a flight stewardess but the airlines here are strict when it comes to physical appearance. Is there any way that my calf muscles and thigh muscles could be made smaller with training? I know there are a lot of exercises for muscle-building, but I'd like to ask you for exercises for muscle-shrinking or any activity that can help reduce muscle mass. Click Here
5. How does a person manage their weight when they have a chronic illness? Click Here


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