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Advanced Questions & Answers - Exercise Technique



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Exercise Technique Questions & Answers
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questions and answers


What are the best crunches for the lower abs? What are the best crunches for the upper abs?

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Could you tell me the best way to improve the trap muscles? I have full access to a gym.

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I have a very small butt size and I want to know if there are any exercises I can use to make it bigger.

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4. What is a French Curl and how do you do it? Click Here
5. What are some lifts to build the part of the tricep down by the elbow (my triceps are really weak in that area)? Also, what are some exercises that build the outer part of the tricep? Click Here
6. I have a question about maxing out. I've heard that it's good and I've also heard that it's bad. If it's good, should I do that with all of my exercises like in arm curls, etc.? When should I do my maxing out and how often? Click Here
7. Are upright rows a good exercise for building my deltoids and trapezius muscles? Also, I have read that upright rows will damage my rotator cuffs and put undue stress on my shoulder joints. Is this true or are upright rows a safe exercise to put in my shoulder workout? Do you think upright rows will hurt my shoulders? Click Here

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