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Mental Notes - Preparing for a Workout, Music, All Fired Up, Mental Notes



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Mental Notes - The Basics

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The power of your brain can help you train! The mental aspect of weight training cannot be overlooked. When it comes right down to it, your brain is what sends the signals to fire the muscles to lift the weights. Mental preparation and psychological techniques can enhance your weight training.

Preparing for a workout

An important aspect of mental preparation is preparing for the workout.

  • Find a quiet place and relax.
  • Plan exactly what you are going to do during your workout so you don't have to waste time and though figuring out what you're going to do. This includes exercises, number of sets, rep ranges, weight used, rest periods, alternate exercises, etc. Planning in advance allows you to concentrate on working the muscle.


Just before you go work out, if you have a chance, listen to music that gets you worked up. This puts your mind into a state of excitation, preparing your nervous system for the work ahead.

  • The same kind of music is good to listen to during a workout, though some people prefer silence so they can concentrate completely.
  • Music has been shown to decrease pain sensitivity during exercise.
  • If the gym only plays radio stations that aren't to your taste, you can always try wearing a Walkman when you work out, though they can sometimes interfere with training depending on the exercises. Get one that is sweat-proof.
  • If you can't stand the music at the gym and don't want to wear headphones, try channeling that aggression into your workout.
Music can help with weight training

All Fired Up

Getting too fired up can actually be a hindrance sometimes. Peak performance usually occurs when the person is not overly excited, they are focused and tuned into the task at hand, i.e. controlled aggression. This is not always true, though. Sometimes being almost out of control can give you a huge burst of energy and strength.

  • Work within your present limits and strive to expand them.
  • Practice self-empowerment. Negativity is unnecessary and undesirable. Focus not on what you canít do but on what you can.
  • Do not acknowledge any upper limits as this is a self-fulfilling prophecy and you will only hinder yourself in the long run.

Mental Notes

If you miss a workout, donít focus on it as a negative. Take it as a day of rest and come back harder on the next one.

Here are some strategies for ignoring people who try to talk to you while you are training. You won't make any friends with these technique but you will be able to concentrate on your workout.

  • Wear a Walkman.
  • Wear sunglasses (this eliminates eye contact but can look out of place indoors).
  • Wear a watch that beeps at the end of your rest period (this will let people know that it is time for you to work out now).
  • Tell them you canít talk right now.
  • Stare at the floor/don't make eye contact with others.
  • Keep your body language out of relaxation/approach-me mode (sitting back and looking around at people).
Donít train in a dark room. This will put your mind in a depressive state (most people tend to sleep in the dark). Train with bright lights to keep your mind alert.
Check your mental notes

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