Shoulder Presses on the Seated Bench Press Machine

This shoulder press exercise gives you all the benefits of a shoulder press machine but without the direct spinal loading of pressing directly against gravity.

First, sit in the seat and press the weight to full lockout in the regular bench press.

Now, shift your butt up the back pad as you push forward on the handles forcefully. This takes a little practice to get used to so try it a few times with lighter weight to get the idea. Your upper body should be horizontal at this point and your arms extended at the top of a shoulder press position.

Seated Bench Press Machine Shoulder Presses - Finish

Now do shoulder presses in this position.

Seated Bench Press Machine Shoulder Presses - Start

I've found this unique exercise to be more effective for shoulder presses than most shoulder press machines. When you've finished your set, simply slide your butt back down the back pad and lower the weight.

Your upper body should be horizontal at the start of the movement. You can adjust your body position according to the motion of the bench press as you do the movement so that you get maximum tension on the shoulders and keep the movement comfortable.

Learn how to perform shoulder presses on the Calf Raise Machine here.



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