A Shoulder Exercise That Works the Abs

This exercise performs double-duty, working the shoulder while also working to tighten up the obliques at the same time.

Pick up one dumbbell (a weight that you would normally use for about 10 to 12 reps in the dumbbell shoulder press) and press it up overhead. Hold it there for a second then set your feet close together (touching each other, in fact). Keep your feet solid in that position, keep your knees slightly bent, and keep an arch in your lower back.

A Shoulder Exercise That Works the Abs

Now lower the dumbbell and do a one-arm shoulder press with it. As you lower it, you will feel a strong pull in the obliques on the opposite side of your body as they work hard to stabilize the torso against the unbalanced load on your body.

A Shoulder Exercise That Works the Abs

Try your best to keep your shoulder girdle completely horizontal. If you let it tilt down, you will decrease the stabilizing tension required of the obliques.

Press the dumbbell back up to the top. This is where you will REALLY feel the pull on the other side! It's absolutely critical that you keep your feet pushed tightly together as you do this exercise.

If you separate them, the supporting mechanics change and your body will not require as much from the obliques to stabilize. Do as many reps as you can then repeat on the other side.

The most important thing to note here is foot placement - pressed together at all times throughout the movement. You will feel this movement more, the more weight you use.

Another excellent off-center loading exercise for the core is the One-Arm Lever Deadlift.



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