How Internal Strength Exercises Help You Move Better

If you find your movements are getting stiffer and more painful as you get older, you will absolutely want to read this.

You're going to learn the REAL secret to how martial arts, tai chi, qigong, and yoga help you MOVE better and FEEL better...more powerfully and more fluidly.

How Internal Strength Exercises Help You Move Better


First off, there is a BIG difference between "external" and "internal" exercises.

For example, "external" exercise like running has the effect of burning calories and increasing cardio fitness levels.

A bench press builds the strength and muscles of the chest and arms and a forward fold (toe touch) stretch increases the flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings.

We can easily SEE what these exercises do and why we we're doing them.


So what do internal strength exercises do?

We can't actually SEE the process that goes on inside the body so how do we know what they do?

Internal Exercises similarly work to strengthen the body and enhance energy flow and health but from the inside out.

They balance the body, remove restrictions in movement, strengthen the connective tissue and bones, providing pain free movement and powerful enhanced structural strength.

Over thousands of years, systems of movement like martial arts, qigong, tai chi, and yoga have documented and recorded the effects of internal strength exercises through direct experience and observation.

The emerging cutting-edge research on fascia training (your connective tissue) has confirmed what these systems have known for years.

My friend and colleague, Jon Haas (he's a 9th Dan black belt), has distilled this ancient wisdom and meshed it with cutting-edge techniques to create a system that can help you FEEL and MOVE BETTER.

He calls it "Shadow Strength" and it's powerful stuff.

I've tested a few of the movements that he talks about in the program and I can see the potential in his system.

It's especially useful for people who find their movements are getting less and less fluid and strong as they get older...who move "stiffly", in other words.

I've always been inspired by videos I see of martial artists in their 80's and 90's still moving gracefully and with power...even better than people literally 1/4 their age.

THIS is the kind of movement that is possible to develop when you use a system like the one Jon has put together.

It's not about building bigger biceps or a stronger bench's about strong, powerful, functional movement.

Learn more about Shadow Strength here.



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