The Amazing Health Power of Cocoa...CocoaVia Review

I'm a big fan of chocolate...

And what I've come to learn is that that cocoa (which is a key component of chocolate, as I'm sure you probably know) actually has some VERY powerful health benefits.

(the fat and sugar part of chocolate, not so much, but the cocoa, absolutely)

One of the most important benefits you'll get from the flavanols found in cocoa is the increase in nitric oxide levels in your body.

Nitric oxide helps keep your arteries flexible and your blood vessels healthy. This promotes better blood flow and blood pressure and improved circulation all over your body.

It can lead to improved memory and brain function due to that improved circulation.

It's good for your brain, good for your heart, good for your muscles...even good for your skin.


I recently tested a cocoa product from CocoaVia...

And I will tell you right up front, the key benefits from cocoa flavanols are primarily going to be seen with long-term, consistent use. My blood pressure and circulation have always been good, so I haven't seen a tremendous difference in myself, being honest.

However, what I CAN tell you is that is the product is lab-verified to contain 450mg of cocoa flavanols per serving, which is large enough dose to give you those nitric-oxide boosting benefits.

If your circulation is at all compromised, this stuff can help.

And if you'd like to PREVENT circulation-related issues from coming up in the future, it's smart to take preventative action now (action that can also improve your memory and health overall).

CocoaVia is available in capsule form as well as in powdered drink mix form, which is what I tested out.

It comes in small packets that you just mix with water or milk.

The taste is very mild...slightly bitter, but still good. What I actually like to do is mix it in a smaller amount of water so that I get a more concentrated flavor. With a full glass of water, it's a bit too watery.

I also mixed it with camel's milk, which I had reviewed a few weeks back, and it was delicious :)


I do think, based on the research I've reviewed on the benefits of cocoa, that long term of use of CocoaVia could really be good for your heart, brain and muscles.

Nitric oxide is powerful stuff and having a tasty way to increase it naturally like this makes nothing but sense.

If you'd like to learn more about CocoaVia and the benefits it can offer you, I'd definitely recommend it.

Click here to check out CocoaVia products now.

And right now, until November 30th, 2020, you can save 20% off on single orders of CocoaVia products. Use code CV2020 at checkout for the discount!



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