Enzymedica Digestive Enzyme Review

Digestive enzymes are one of the least exciting supplements you can take, yet at the same time they're one of the single most important supplements you SHOULD be taking...

Taking literally every single day with every single meal...it's that important.

This is especially true if you're over 40...and the older you get, the more critically important it is to take them.


Why Are Digestive Enzymes So Important When You're Over 40?

Digestive enzymes are a critical component of the digestive process. They work in conjunction with your stomach acid to start the breakdown process for the food you eat.

Here's the problem (and there are several, actually)...

As we get older, our bodies produce fewer and fewer digestive enzymes. This means your body has a harder time breaking down and digesting the food you're eating.

This can lead to problems down the line...literally down the line...as in bloating and gas due to poorly digested food fermenting in your intestinal tract.

As well, when your body senses that food isn't being broken down enough by enzymes, it has only one other trick up its sleeve to help...and that is to increase acid production.

And yes...this leads to acid reflux and heartburn as your body desperately tries to digest the food you're eating. This is the reason why certain foods (that are harder to digest) potentially give you heartburn where other foods may not.


When you reach age 40, your production of digestive enzymes drops but there IS a solution.

And that solution is taking a digestive enzyme supplement.

I've tested out a product from one of the best known enzyme companies out there...Enzymedica. The product is called Digest Gold and it's their flagship product...basically an "all-in-one" digestive enzyme formulation, covering a wide spectrum of nutrients.

Enzymedica Digestive Enzyme Review Digest Gold


This is a comparable to a broad spectrum antibiotic, in the way that it helps you digest everything better.

They do also offer more specialized products that focus on specific nutrients and situations. For example, on their site, you can search by symptoms, health goals and diet. This allows you to get more specific with your digestive enzyme products so that you get the most bang for your buck.

For example, they have a lipase product that focuses only on digesting fat...this is ideal for people on keto or low-car diets and beneficial for people with gall bladder issues that have a tough time digesting fat.


Does Supplementing With Enzymedica Digestive Enzymes Work?

They absolutely work. I tested Digest Gold for several weeks and was really happy with how they performed.

I've taken a number of digestive enzyme products in the past and these absolutely stack up in terms of performance. I like the fact that Digest Gold is a broad spectrum digest enzyme product, making it perfect as a "starter" enzyme for you to test out to see how it works for you.

I tested Digest Gold with a variety of foods. I started with a plate of scrambled eggs...just one capsule taken right before eating.

Digest Gold Eggs

I eat half a dozen whole eggs cooked in butter every single morning...and Digest Gold definitely helped with the processing of that.

I noticed I didn't feel as full after eating...but not in a way that made me more hungry. It was more in a way that felt more satisfied, if that makes sense.

Then I put it to an even BIGGER test.

I cooked a pizza (Chicago deep dish, pepperoni) and ate the whole thing (this picture doesn't do it justice). I took TEN Digest Gold capsules right before eating it, to see how this would help me digest that.

Digest Gold Pizza

Normally, this would take a LONG time to digest. I wouldn't be hungry again until probably the afternoon of the next day.

Ever since I turned 40 (I'm 47 now), I noticed I could still eat a lot at one sitting, but it would take me longer to digest it.

Well, after taking the 10 Digest Golds, I didn't feel bloated and stuffed like I usually do after eating that much. I felt full but not overstuffed (and I even had ice cream for dessert, too).

The broad spectrum nature of the digest gold was perfect for pizza as pizza is a broad spectrum food (lots of carbs, fat AND protein).

Now clearly, I eat a lot more than most people do, so you don't have to take 10 capsules before each meal. Taking just one is going to make a big difference for you, especially if you don't take any enzymes at all right now.


If You're Over 40, You NEED This....

Honestly, if you're over 40, this will likely have a bigger positive impact on your life than just about any other supplement you can take.

We eat every day...and if your body is not able to properly break down and utilize the food you're eating, then you're not getting the nutrients you think you are.

And that's when things start breaking down over time.


It's my opinion that most health issues due to aging are NOT the result of disease but of malnutrition.

  1. As you get older, your digestive enzyme production decreases.
  2. As you get older, you tend to eat less food (especially when you get into your 70's and 80's).
  3. So if you're eating less food and your digestion OF that less food is impaired, you're progressively getting less and less nutrition out of what you eat and your body starts to run short of important nutrients...i.e. malnutrition.

Give your body back the ability to absorb nutrients and you start reclaiming your health.

It's not a cure-all, of course, but it will dramatically improve the quality of your digestion and, in my opinion, your life.


Any Downsides?

As with anything that's more generally-oriented, there is a trade-off in terms of potency. Because Digest Gold covers a variety of different nutrient "targets," there's not as much of each type of enzyme in a single capsule as compared to something that's more specialized.

This is to be expected...there's only so much room in a capsule before it becomes a horse pill.

It also means you can take this in just about any food situation and see benefits.

If you have a specific dietary focus or need, that's when you move to one of the more specialized products so that you'll see even greater benefits.


Try It For 25% Off!

The people at Enzymedica were nice enough to hook you up with a great discount code to give you an incentive try their products out.

Use coupon code: BETTERU25 to get 25% off your first order with them.

And I'd say definitely stock up. Since it's a one-use code, it's worth getting a bunch. This stuff really works and I have no hesitation recommending it strongly.

Click here to learn more about Enzymedica enzymes and get yours now.



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