Chomps Meat Stick Snacks Review

Beef Jerky conjures up visions of tough, gristly sticks of meat sticking out a grimy jar on a gas station counter.

At least, it does for me...

Which is why I've never really been a big fan of the concept, for quite a long time.

Until I tried Chomps.


Chomps are high-quality meats in stick form, designed to bring with you wherever you go for easy snacking.

I wouldn't call them jerky (though they do call their sticks jerky!), since they're not tough like most jerky I've tried. They're actually soft and very easy to eat.

I tested out the variety pack of all the Chomps flavors and various high-quality meats (they've got grass-fed, grass-finished beef, free-range turkey, grass-fed, and grass-finished venison).

Each stick has 9-10 grams of protein and zero sugar, making them excellent for Paleo and low-carb/Keto diets.

Chomps Meat Stick Snacks Variety Pack

Personally, I Iiked the spicier flavors from the pack best. The jalepeno and habanero ones were really good...not overly spicy but enough to wake up your taste buds.

Chomps Meat Stick Snacks

The non-spicy flavors were definitely good as well, though. The milder flavors allow you to really taste the quality of the meat.

Chomps Meat Stick Snacks

Here's a close-up view of what the grass-fed beef stick looks like unwrapped.

Chomps Meat Stick Snacks


What really sets Chomps apart is their sourcing of meats

The beef is sourced from Tasmania...

"Originating from the pastures of Tasmania, our beef is sourced from Cape Grim Beef, a network of farmers who are dedicated to producing the highest-quality sustainable beef and proudly carry the Certified Humane seal."

The turkey from California and Minnesota...

CHOMPS turkey hails from two domestic sources. Our organic free-range turkey is derived from Pitman Farm's/Mary's Turkeys in California, and our free-range, antibiotic free turkey comes from Ferndale Market in Cannon Falls, MN.

The venison is from New Zealand...

"Our free range, grass-fed venison is sourced from the scenic farms of Duncan Venison in New Zealand. The Duncan family is New Zealand’s leading specialized venison processor, and has a long history and reputation for their quality and integrity."


The quality of the meat really comes across in the taste of the sticks...I like these a lot.


Anything that could be improved?

In terms of quality and taste, not at all...these things are really tasty and they're clearly high-quality.

For me personally, I eat a lot so the serving size of 10 grams of protein is a bit small, but that's just me :). I can eat two of these if I'm still hungry.

Bottom line, if you're looking for a tasty, convenient snack that fits in with just about any dietary approach (not vegan...because duh), Chomps are a great bet.

It's a delicious, top quality protein source that doesn't need to be refigerated.

Get your Chomps here!


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