How to Create Your Own home Gym

By Nina @ Garage Gym Builder

Nowadays, it's almost y impossible to find some quality time to head out to the gym and do some much-needed exercise. The constant hustle and bustle of the daily grind impedes us from focusing on our health and improving our stamina and fitness.

When you are aware that keeping fit and eating properly can help you fight off stress, keep you healthy both mentally and physically, the best solution is to create your very own home gym. There is no need to break the bank and invest in innumerable gear or compromise in space.

With some mindful investment, positive reinforcement and goodwill, you can easily create your workout heaven in the comfort of your home. Here is how.

How to Create Your Own home Gym

1. Have a firm budget in mind

Many people reckon that building a home gym costs a fortune when the truth is actually another way round. People tend to spend a lot of money in the first hand by purchasing fancy new equipment without prior thinking whether they would need it or not. Before you go purchasing the gear think of the budget and do your best to stick to it.

You need to bear in mind that your home gym will grow and develop over time, and with every new investment, it will grow bigger. With that in mind, you can first get some functional but used fitness weights, mats, or bars.

Call friends to see if they have an extra mirror or two to spare, and so on. Start with the basics and start smart.

2. Determine the right location

When you strive to create the home gym, you need to take into consideration many items when it comes to location. The noise, the floors, space. A spare room in your home might be the most effective way to build an adequate gym or the garage. In the empty room consider the flooring to protect your property and to reduce the sound level coming from the gym.

If you have a wide or relatively suitable garage, you can easily set up a nice area and find great garage gym equipment to fill up space. You won't need to worry the weights hitting the hardwood floor like you would if you were upstairs.

You can easily place power and squat rack with pull-up bars in the garage and have plenty of space to put weight bench and other weight plates.


3. Get adequate equipment

As budget can be an issue in the first months, you might want to start slow and build your gym to perfection with time. No matter where you have set up your home gym, for a good start you need to have the basics.

A good mat and resistance bands for stretching, then a few kettlebells and dumbbells are vital for upper body warm-up and workout, a medicine ball for strength training and one barbell and plate set.

Well, you can start the other way round and get a multi-purpose barbell weight plate set where you can do numerous exercises for chest, legs, back, shoulders, and arms. Later you can accompany your existing gear with few second-hand professional bumper plates.


4. Embrace some DIY work

If you must keep a steady mind on your budget, then you should consider getting your hands dirty. When it comes to creating your own home gym, you can with little investment make most of the bare necessities on your own.

For instance, you can build your platform with a stall mat and plywood. You can use the same material to build toaster rack plate holders for less than 40 quids. DIY gym projects don't cost much, but they would save you loads of money which you can use for getting some other vital gear.


5. Focus on the cardio

If you are keen on running, you can go for a quick sprint around the neighborhood prior to or after the heavy lifting exercises. That is a much better option than buying an expensive treadmill. However, if you desire to do some effective cardio workouts in your home gym, then you might only need a good jump rope.

Don’t be fooled, a jump rope is a fantastic conditioning and coordination device, and it can help you burn calories better than running for an hour. A simple jump rope helps you build up endurance and stamina, only make sure that you get a thick PVC rope for better performance.

6. The crucial details

Last but not least, there are a few nifty accessories that will make your gym experience fuller. Add a mirror for a better motivational factor, but even if you don't require that kind of mental boost, mirrors are a useful gym detail.

Place a small fridge to keep your water bottle, a protein chocolate bar, and supplements. Don't forget to place good Bluetooth speakers for a complete musical sensation.


Creating your own home gym takes patience, time, and dedication. With little effort and some basic investment, you can have a fully-functional gym without compromising on the budget.


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