7 Daily Skin Care Habits For Men

By Lachlan Malone

The skin is a fragile component of the human body. It easily reacts to the food we eat, the beauty care products we use, the weather condition of our immediate environment and the lifestyle we live.

Regardless of whom you are or what you do, having a bautiful and glowing skin is a great attribute to possess. Although aging can have a telling effect on the outlook of our face, having glowing skin is a possibility for every man if you utilize the following beauty tips.

7 Daily Skin Care Habits For Men

1. Follow a Skin Care Routine Strictly

Consistency is important for results. Having a glowing face is not a wish that would come true by just sitting idle and wishing it to happen, it would happen simply because you have a routine that you stick with no matter what. Just as it takes consistent workout sessions for a six pack to show, it takes consistent action in taking care of the body for a glowing face to happen.

For instance, if your routine include getting a face mask every two weeks then stick with it. The result may not reflect initially but with time it will come to reflect beautifully on your skin.

2. Apply Face Wash Twice to Get Clear Skin

The skin is prone to absorbing dust and germs hence the need to apply face wash twice daily especially if your goal is to get a clear skin. The germs festering on the skin are the first hurdle to clear in getting a glowing face and this is why you must battle them by applying your face wash twice daily.

Preferably make use of the face wash in the morning and in the evening/night. Using it in the morning will help clean your face as you go out to fulfill the day's activities and using the face wash in the evening/night will rid the skin of the dust and germs that have gathered on it in the course of the day's activities.

3. Be Picky While Applying Any Skin Care Products

Your face is sensitive; therefore apply quality and standard beauty care products only. Do not be too economical that you go for cheaper and substandard products as they could tamper with the good bacteria on the skin and may cause infection on the face or have no effect on the skin thereby making your expenditure on the product a waste.

If you must try a new product, check the product reviews by the current users as a way to ascertain the quality of the same product. You must also ensure to buy only products certified and approved by the relevant government health parastatal or agency.

4. Apply Moisturizer After Shower

When it comes to the use of moisturizer, timing is very important. Just like in most situations in life, it is possible to be doing the right things and not getting positive results. This usually happens when the timing is wrong. The best time to use a moisturizer for it to have the best effect on your skin is after shower. For you to have a glowing face your skin must not be dry and neither must it be tough, hence to achieve a soft and glowing face, moisturize immediately after shower.

5. Protect Your Skin From Sun

If you desire healthy skin then you must protect your skin from exposure to the sun. Constant exposure to the sun can introduce wrinkles and black spots on your face which would inadvertently jeopardize your dream of a glowing face. The solution therefore is that you use a protection for your face while walking in the sun.

You may apply sunscreen on your face for this purpose. The face cannot be completely covered but you may use a sun glass to protect yourself from the heat of sunlight.

6. Cut Back on Harmful Habits Like Smoking and Drinking

Smoking is bad for the skin as it shrinks the skin to make it look older than it should look. Smoking also acts to decrease the flow of blood within the vessels of the body thereby making the skin look dull and pale.

Alcohol on the other hand dehydrates the body and may deprive the skin of nutrients that would make it glow. Either of smoking or alcohol consumption is bad for the skin as they are both enemy of glowing skin. If you want healthy skin, stay off these two.

7. Limit Junk Food and Maintain a Healthy Diet

Food contributes significantly to our looks. Most times the difference between glowing skin and wrinkled or pale skin is in terms of food consumed. Eating healthy can supply your body with the right nutrients to make your body glow. Foods such as vegetables, fruits and lean proteins are helpful in the quest to achieve a glowing skin.

Stay off junk food as much as possible because they are inimical to the health of your body as a whole and to your skin. Some junk food may cause inflammation and other reactions on your skin that could dampen the outlook of the skin.



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