How Mindfulness Will Help Boost Your Muscle Building

By Marquis Matson


In all honesty, people are bombarded with misleading information regarding the actual meaning of the word “mindfulness.”

At first glance, one may assume that the spiritual aspect of one’s self has nothing to do with the physical challenges a person faces day in and day out. Nonetheless, many athletes have given credit to their mental strength in decisive moments, something that pulled them out of the fire and supplied them with a new energy source to rely on.

How Mindfulness Will Help You to Boost Your Muscle Building

Muscle contractions, injuries, and training are all part of the same system. When you feel stressed, the body secretes hormones, and the intensity of it varies on a case by case basis. If the human mind and body are not on the same wavelength, not only that the muscle building process is put on hold, but the entire synergy between these two elements is diminished.

By all means, meditation as a representative of the mindfulness agenda can become your adherent in the endeavors to build up your muscle mass. Your physical endurance and stamina is a fair reflection of your inner state. In general, you can utilize the effects of “simple sitting” by understandings how spirituality affects your performance on the pitch and in the gym.

Many beginners worry too much about the secondary aspects of meditating, such as posture, type of meditation, interior design, etc. The main priority is to remain peaceful throughout this process by focusing only on your beingness; the never-fading aura, which acts as a proof of your existence. If that seems like a hard-to-grasp moment, it’s advisable that you take it slow by fixating your attention on breathing.

Indeed, there are countless of benefits and practices that derive from alertness in the present moment. Let’s reveal a handful of them:


Mindfulness stimulates the muscle contraction process

The minute a person encounters a stressful situation, the body provides some sort of an invisible shield by releasing cortisol. This hormone helps everyone, above all athletes, who are thriving on success and physical gamesmanship fueled by the privileges of contact sport.

According to renowned biologists and psychological experts, stress reduces the body’s capabilities of a quick recovery and impairs the athletes’ performance during practice. Such circumstances later lead to an increased level of fat and enhance the probability of inflammatory diseases. On top of that, it also affects the level of testosterone in a negative way.

Mindfulness answers the cry for help, by offering a long-term solution. 10 minutes of meditation after a workout can significantly lower your blood pressure and heart rate. In the same fashion, it increases muscle contractions, which improves your chances of a better performance in both the gym and on the field.


Boost your stamina in a jiffy

Sometimes, over-committing to something can backfire on you. Dr. Patricia Carrington, the founder of Clinically Standardized Meditation technique, pinpoints the benefits of mindfulness and how it can boost your creative and physical stamina. Lifting weights, or even doing a warm-up session can eventually squeeze every bit of energy and induces powerlessness.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, characterized by simplicity and comfort generates self-acceptability and awareness. Such self-approach yields much better results and prolongs the workout on a continuous basis. Likewise, it helps you channel your energies much better.

If you can somehow allocate 10 minutes of meditation for every hour spent in the gym, your muscle building process would reach a new dimension. Jinglow, as a mindfulness recording studio filled with numerous capabilities, can give you a hand in overcoming lack of stamina by exploiting the effects of guided meditation and ambient music.


Focus as a tool for greatness

If there’s anything that cannot be put to the side when you talk about success, that is the power of staying focused. Quality must not be compromised, and there are no excuses for allowing it to happen. Efficiency setbacks damage your incentives to soar up in a physical sense.

Italian neuroscientist Giuseppe Pagnoni conducted an experiment to compare the cognitive performance of Zen Practitioners, and ordinary people who were about the same age. He wanted to find out how meditation affects the human brain, and whether it increases the level of mental focus.

Eventually, the results showed that even though, the thought-activity co-existed in both collective mindsets, the ability to handle “wild thoughts” and stressful phenomena separated meditators from non-meditators.

As you can see, mindfulness heralds a new attitude, something that can get the ball rolling, without putting too much work into it.


Mindfulness affects the immune system

Scientists in the 20th century, ultimately discovered that the immune cells forge the “floating brain.” The cells assume the role of intermediary because of their capacity to convey chemical messages from the brain to all cells within the body. It became evident that emotional reactions and mental stability have an essential role in the immune system.  

Considering the fact that your brain interprets various messages, and provides a sincere response, it’s in your interest to create a healing environment through meditation to help your immune system. Moreover, meditation boosts antibodies and thus suppress inflammatory genes from gaining momentum. The bottom line is, mindfulness can help you with cardiac disorders, diabetes, inflammatory issues to such an extent that you’ll significantly reduce your susceptibility to chronic complications.


To sum it up, mindfulness as a tool or technique for gaining muscle mass is more than helpful. Not only that you’ll improve your stamina and strength, but with the right approach you can also get one step closer to a perfect body image.  


Marquis Matson

Marquis Matson is a blogger, entrepreneur, and writer at Jinglow. Jinglow empowers you to customize your mindfulness experience, change your thinking, reduce anxiety, relax, and motivate you to be the best you can be.




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