Top Fitness Apps to Take You to Higher Ground

By Jane Sandwood


People spend more than four hours a day on their smartphones, according to combined research from Pew and Nielsen, so if you are aiming to get fitter, why not use your phone to reach higher goals?

Top Fitness Apps

There are currently over 30,000 fitness apps on major app stores, and that means that you will be more than spoiled for choice. Therefore, your selection ultimately depends on what your goal is - are you aiming to simply eat healthier, build muscle, or lose weight? The good news is that regardless of your answer, there’s an app for that! Below are top-rated ones that may make a difference in your health and fitness journey.



Forbes names this one of the top current health and fitness apps, primarily because of how easy it makes calorie counting. Made to work alongside the Apple Watch, it can be used to set a weight loss goal.

As you consume your daily meals, the app automatically adds up how many calories you have left, thus making it easier to control portions throughout the day. It is highly educational, letting you know how many seemingly ‘healthy’ foods actually have quite a high calorie count.


Sleep++ App

If you want to lift heavier weights, achieve a faster running record, or make the most of any cardiovascular workout, good sleep is key. The problem with issues like sleep apnea is that you won’t necessarily know you have a problem - especially if you sleep alone and nobody is there to observe the symptoms.

If you have been waking up feeling tired instead of refreshed, you may not be enjoying quality sleep. Sleep++ will let you know if there is a problem by tracking how often you move or wake up at night. If you are restless, chances are, you won’t be making your way to the ‘deep sleep’ stage, which is crucial for muscle and tissue building.


Edo App

One of the key steps to fitness, is nutrition, and Edo makes it so easy to work out the exact nutritional value of what you are consuming. Just take it along with you to the supermarket, scan food labels, and receive a rating from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest rating and 1 the lowest).

If you have an intolerance or allergy, just let the app know - it will warn you if a product isn’t suitable for you. The app also analyses what labels actually mean, which is great news for those who don’t have studies in nutrition. The app works on nearly all food labels, regardless of where you are shopping.

If you are abroad and you come across ingredients you’d like to know more about, you can always conduct more research into the topic. If you are back home and you can’t access pages from a specific country, VPN software will provide access to pages abroad that do have geographical restrictions.


Jefit App

This app, boasting over 7 million users, is a great one to take to the gym with you, since it offers free workout programs, records your training logs, and analyzes your workout data so you can make sure you are progressing. The app has a strong social element, since it allows you to compare routines with other community members. Finally, it enables you to concentrate on one particular area - be it your biceps, triceps, quads, pecs, etc.


Asana Rebel

Did you know that a whopping 20.4 million Americans practice yoga today? Numbers have certainly shot up, considering that just 10 years ago, 15.8 people took part in the millenary practice that imparts a wealth of benefits - including better strength and flexibility, and stress relief.

Asana Rebel is one app that will really push you to greater heights. It features hundreds of yoga workouts, focusing on goals like fat burning, strength, flexibility, balance and focus, and breathe and relax. Regardless of which sport you specialize in, yoga is an ideal complement, not the least of which because it helps reduce stress and therefore helps you get a better night’s sleep.

On particularly stressful days, use the app for controlled breathing. Studies have shown that this activity can lower stress hormone levels quite dramatically - which can be useful indeed if a big competition or personal challenge is up ahead.  


Aaptiv App

This cool app allows you to ‘work out when you want, where you want’, with a host of different fitness classes led by experienced personal trainers. The app is ideal for those who are very much in tune to music’s ability to boost their effort.

It allows you to choose your own playlist, which you can listen to while completing a running, elliptical, strength, yoga, or stretching session. The list of classes is vast and there are 30 new ones added per week. This means you will never grow tired of your workouts, with something new to look forward to every day.


We have mentioned just a select groups of apps though there are many to choose from, regardless of what your aims is. From calorie counters to personalized workout creators, these apps are making it easier to lose, maintain, or even gain weight. They also accompany you during strength and cardio workouts alike, encouraging you to set new records every day.



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