Butea Superba: Testosterone-Boosting Herb

By Alex Eriksson


Have you ever had problems with low energy and low libido?

The problem is not uncommon. Most men struggle with keeping focus and maintaining a healthy sex drive as they age because testosterone levels decrease over time. Most men resort to taking pricey testosterone supplements to make up for their dropping hormone levels.

However, what would you think if someone told you that there was a natural and inexpensive way of increasing your testosterone level? Well, it’s possible, and the solution can be found through a plant native in Thailand. The Thai have been using it for centuries due to its many medicinal properties and this product is now gaining more traction and accessibility worldwide.


On Testosterone

Well, testosterone is a hormone responsible for giving you the attributes that make you a man. It’s the sex hormone that gives you a lower voice, gives you more hair on your body, gives you strength, boosts your bone and muscle mass, and increases your sex drive. It also serves an important role in the production of both red blood cells and sperm cells.

Butea Superba: Testosterone-Boosting Herb

With all these being said, testosterone plays an important function in making sure that you remain active and healthy. The awful symptoms of having low testosterone include reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased body hair, increased body fat, and decreased strength. In order to avoid these, you need to keep the hormone’s levels in check.



Herb’s History

Butea Superba, also known as Red Kwao Kua, can be found in Thailand, India, and Vietnam. The herb is known by the locals as an aphrodisiac because it’s commonly used to cure problems with virility. Although the origins of the plant are unknown, the plant has been used for centuries by the Thai and it has been proven effective for the most part.

Not a lot of studies have been conducted on the properties of the plant, but those few studies that have been conducted have shown some promise. And keep in mind that the same can be said of many other potent herbs—it’s not just Butea that isn’t yet thoroughly analyzed by medical and scientific experts.


Impressive Perks

One of the reasons why Butea Superba has been gaining attention over the past couple of years is because of its numerous health benefits. The plant is most popularly used for preventing hair loss and alleviating erectile dysfunction. However, its healthy properties are not limited to those two factors alone.

It’s also believed that the herb has the ability to increase libido, increase fertility, and reduce stress. Some have even gone far to say that it has certain properties that help against depression.

All of these factors are important when you are trying to attain an active and healthy lifestyle. In order for you to improve your overall well-being, you need to be physically and mentally healthy. Keeping this in mind, Butea Superba is a great addition to your health regimen. There are four ways how Butea Superba keeps your testosterone levels in check:

  • Studies suggest that the herb has anti-estrogenic properties. It is common knowledge that we have both androgen and estrogen. Androgen is typically more abundant in men, while estrogen is usually found in higher levels in women. What the herb does is that it lessens the amount of estrogen in your body, thus ensuring that you have more of the male hormone.
  • The herb increases your Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a potent androgenic hormone that causes the physical development of the male body during puberty. DHT is developed from testosterone and usually only a small percentage of testosterone is converted to DHT daily. Consuming the herb has the potential to change your physical characteristics due to the increased activation of the DHT.
  • The plant is a natural cAMP Phosphodiesterase inhibitor, preventing the deactivation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP), one of the five subtypes of the enzyme Phosphodiesterase (PDE). This cAMP plays an important role in the production of testosterone. With this in mind, increased activity of cAMP means increased testosterone levels.
  • It’s believed that Butea Superba increases free testosterone levels. Testosterone usually travels throughout the body in two ways: by traveling through Albumin (a protein) or sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and by traveling freely. Since testosterone cannot do much when attached to a protein, then it is only through free testosterone that the body can undergo positive physical changes.

These four explanations show how Butea Superba helps men internally and externally, ensuring that they look and feel like a man.


Scientific Pursuits

Not a lot of studies have been conducted on the medicinal effects of Butea Superba. It’s only in recent years that scientists from Thailand decided to conduct experiments on the herb.

For those studies that have been conducted, it is hard for the scientific community to accept those experiments as true and valid because there were some errors in how the experiments were administered. Nevertheless, the results of the research were still promising enough and should have great potential once pursued further.

One of the notable studies that were conducted was a case of Hyperandrogenemia. A thirty-five year old male was experiencing increased sexual drive. Tests conducted on him showed that the increased libido was the result of excessive use of Butea Superba. When the man stopped using the herb for a week, his sexual drive returned to normal. This instance shows how powerful the herb can be in terms of increasing testosterone.


For Better Health

So far, we’ve discussed all of the benefits that Butea Superba can have on the male body. Its potency is backed by both Thai tradition and scientific research. It is an affordable and less risky option for increasing testosterone levels compared to other male supplements, particularly those that are synthetically made.

All in all, if you’re opting for a healthier lifestyle, then the herb is highly recommended to compensate for the decreasing testosterone levels that come with time. Butea Superba shows a lot of promise and could be a great addition to your active lifestyle.

Author Bio

Alex Eriksson is the founder of Anabolic Health, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing honest and research backed advice for optimal male hormonal health. Anabolic Health aspires to become a trusted resource where men can come and learn how to fix their hormonal problems naturally, without pharmaceuticals.

Check out https://www.anabolichealth.com/ to learn more about Alex and his work. You can also find him on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.



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