The 5 Stupidest Supplements I've Taken

By Nick Nilsson
Author of Time-Volume Training


Ok, I'm not proud of this list...

... it dates back a good 28 years now...but these are the 5 STUPIDEST supplements I've been dumb enough to take over the course of my training career (I had to stop myself at only 5).


1. Boron

I fell for this one in college. It was supposed to increase testosterone levels, and they were offering a free bottle when you paid $5 naturally, I recruited 5 friends to each order a bottle for me so I could get a bunch of it for cheap. Useless stuff. After the first bottle, I just threw the rest of it away.


2. Hot Stuff

One of the first "shotgun" formulas on the market in the early 90's. Their idea was to throw in everything that was supposed to have any effect at all into one big jug and hope for the best. Turned out it tasted like gasoline and was basically expensive vitamin powder.


3. Liquid Creatine

This stuff was supposed to increase the absorption of creatine into your body using liquid delivery. Nope. It came in the form of foul-tasting orange goo and it didn't get me any results at all (not even as good as plain old creatine monohydrate).

Also, creatine degrades fairly rapidly in liquid...the company said they stabilized it with "proprietary technology" but something tells me they were lying...ah yes, common sense. That must be it.


4. Glandulars

Yep, powdered organs. The idea with those is that they're supposed to improve the function of the similar organ in your body (i.e. powdered heart improves your heart). Too bad I didn't start with powdered brain on that one...)


5. Ephedrine/Caffeine/Aspirin

Ok, this one was stupid not because it didn't work...(it did)'s because of HOW I used it and the side effects I got from using it. I took it as a fat-burning supplement stack (Dymetadrine 25 was the brand) and found it to be effective for that.

The problem was it KILLED my would sometimes take me hours to fall asleep, which is not good when you're on limited food intake and training harder because the supplements amped you up. I stopped taking it well before ephedrine was banned.


I've tried a lot of other supplements over the years...some good, some not so good...but those stand out as the stupidest to me.

Now, if you're interested in some actual GOOD supplements, I'd highly recommend you check out JayLab Pro.

They're one of my most trusted supplement companies...great products, excellent quality and top-notch customer service.



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