How to Use Alcohol to SPEED UP Fat Loss

Yep, you can actually drink alcohol and speed up your fat loss...and once you see how to do it, it makes total sense.

You CAN have alcohol (wine, beer, etc.) and still get ripped.

This is a tip from page 43 of the Underground Fat Loss Manual.


Tip: Yes, You Can Have A Beer While on a Fat-Loss Diet

Alcohol can actually SPEED UP your fat loss.

Here’s how:
Often times when I’m shooting for 1,250 calories per day, I find it’s easier to just eat one main meal at night.

So I don’t eat all day and then I have one massive feast beginning at 8pm each night. By the time 8pm rolls around… I’m pretty freakin’ hungry.

So when the clock strikes 8pm…. here’s what happens. Either...

A) I immediately start stuffing my face with pop-tarts, cookies and a bunch of other unhealthy options.


B) I calmly start cooking a healthy meal based around meat, protein and vegetables. No matter how long it takes to prepare the meal, I am completely relaxed and content.

Option A sounds pretty typical, right? But option B sounds like a proven formula for losing weight.

Luckily, I have a simple trick I use that makes more of my days look like option B.

I use alcohol.

How to Use Alcohol to SPEED UP Fat Loss

Yup. I’ve found that when the clock strikes 8pm, if I reward myself with a nice glass of red wine or a nice craft beer… it almost instantly “knocks down” the hunger pangs and allows me to calmly and casually prepare a healthy meal without feeling like I’m starving or suffering. I don’t do this every night, mind you.

Of course, most fitness experts and personal trainers will tell you to avoid alcohol if you want to lose weight. And in theory, they are correct. But in the real world, I’ve found that alcohol can be a useful tool for achieving your fitness goals.

The keys, of course, are moderation — both with your alcohol consumption and your food consumption. This plan would not work nearly as well if I was eating all day long and then adding alcohol on top of my food intake. It works because the alcohol allows me to restrict my caloric intake without suffering.


This is one of the things I really like about the Underground Fat Loss Manual...'s a challenging program but it's got practical, REAL-WORLD tips for making it work.

Personally, I don't drink but when you apply logic to the situation, having a beer or glass of wine is much better calorically than blowing your diet on high-sugar or high-fat processed foods.

And if you want to get to extremely low bodyfat, putting tricks like this to work can mean the difference between success and failure.

In the book, beyond the actual step-by-step program for getting extremely lean, you'll learn controversial and unconventional techniques such as...

  • how fitness competitors use nicotine gum to get ripped
  • why you SHOULD weigh yourself every day.
  • how you can eat licorice (red or black) for fat loss
  • two supplements that help you sleep better (which improves fat loss)
  • how to use strategic "micro-cheats" to get below 8% bodyfat (the point where body REALLY fights continued fat loss)
  • why red wine is actually a "magic" food for fat loss

You'll find all of this in the Underground Fat Loss Manual...and a LOT more.


I have to say, one of the biggest takeaways from the book for me was the concept of developing a mature relationship with hunger.

In the chapter on "Hunger," Matt talks about something we all have to deal with when trying to lose fat and especially when trying to get shredded down to 5% bodyfat... being able to EMBRACE HUNGER.

Matt likens the relationship that most people have to hunger as being similiar to a baby or toddler that hasn't been potty trained yet. When the urge strikes, they go, no matter whether it's an appropriate time or place.

The same thing happens in adults with hunger:


You have to learn to develop a mature relationship with hunger just like a toddler develops a mature relationship with holding it until they get to a toilet.

Once you do that, you develop a mindset where when you get hungry (even ravenously hungry), your mind is "hunger trained" so that you can wait until an appropriate time to eat.

You'll be able to read more about this concept on page 55 of the Underground Fat Loss Manual.



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