How to Lose Fat Eating High Carbs

HIGH-carb eating for rapid fat-loss? Is Keto wrong?

This is something VERY different than what you see these days, especially with the popularity of Keto dieting (high fat, low-carb).

It's using a high-carb, VERY low-fat approach to dieting.

And it's written by this guy...His name is Mark Kislich and he's in his mid-40’s. And yeah, he's not lean at all...

HIGH-carb eating for rapid fat-loss


He’s been eating a carb-based diet for 5 years.

Fats are kept at around 8%.


He gets only about 60-80 grams of protein per day.

If you're curious about his approach, you can check out his program here.


If you love carbs but still want to lose CAN be done...and very effectively.

The book is called "High-Carb Fat Loss"...

I've read through entire thing and wanted to give you my thoughts on it.

Overall, I think it's VERY well thought out and put together.

Here's a picture of one of the authors of the book, Mark Kislich...he stays this lean ALL YEAR LONG eating this type of diet.

High-Carb Fat Loss Book Review

So clearly, this type of eating can be effective...let's get into it...


1. What Is The Book About?

Essentially, the contention is that a very high-carb, very low-fat diet can be effective for losing fat while maintaining muscle mass, performance and strength...even with relatively little protein being eaten (even as low as 60-80 grams per day).

By reducing dietary fat intake to a bare minimum, you save on calories (fat has 9 calories per gram, carbs only 4) and you don't give your body easy access to the nutrient that is most easily stored as bodyfat...which is, of course, fat.


2. Won't Excess Carbs Be Stored As Fat?

This is one of the things I found most interesting in the High-Carb Fat Loss book.

According to their research, carbs RARELY get stored as fat in the body. You would have to eat extremely excessive amounts in order for carbs to be converted and stored as fat.

The real culprit is eating excess carbs with dietary fat.

Because carbs result in insulin release (which is the hormonal key that unlocks cells to let things in, basically), this allows the dietary fat to be more easily stored in the fat cells.

Thus, it's not excess carbs that's the problem, it's carbs AND fats...eaten in excess of current caloric needs.


3. Can You Eat As Many Carbs As You Want and Still Lose Fat?


They don't claim that and don't believe that.

Because that is one constant that ALWAYS lose fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit. There's no getting around that and that definitely applies to this dietary approach, just like any other.

The real key for ANY diet to be successful in the long term (or even the short term) is that it has to provide a way for you to achieve a consistent caloric deficit.

The beauty of this high-carb approach is that if you love carbs, it's going to allow you to get that caloric deficit without the kind of "pain" that a low-carb approach would result in for you.


4. Who is This Type of Eating Good For?

This is definitely for the person who loves their carbs. If you're a certified carnivore, you're going to have a tougher time with it, simply due to the generally higher fat levels of animal-based foods.

It's not necessarily vegan (though you CAN do it as a vegan, like Mark, the author, is), but it does greatly minimize animal products.

For me personally, I've used this type of approach before for short periods of time (if you've ever tried my Metabolic Surge program, the entire third phase is higher-carb, very low fat) and found it to be very effective.

It's not my ideal way to go long-term, though...and that's just my preference.


5. Are You Stuck Eating Bland Foods?

Not at all. There is a lot of flexibility built into this type of eating.

Rusty (the co-author) has included good information on the types of meals and snacks you should be eating and how to make them taste really good.

It's practical, recommendation-based info, not specific meals plans. I actually this approach better than meal plans because that way, you actually LEARN how to do things on your own rather than just following a template.


6. Does It Work?


As I mentioned above, the most important thing that predicts success with a diet is does it make it "easy" for you to maintain a caloric deficit.

If it does, you're golden.


Bottom Line:

This is really good info...well-researched and real-world proven.

If you'd like to learn more about the High-Carb Fat Loss Diet, I definitely recommend picking up a copy.

If you love your carbs and if the whole "low-carb/keto" approach is just not for you, I HIGHLY suggest checking out High-Carb Fat Loss.



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