Eat the Fat Off

There are specific foods you can eat that contain a fat-digesting enzyme called basically "eats" fat.

In fact, you're probably eating some of these foods right just may not be eating them at the right time (hint: they should be eaten at night) or with the right OTHER foods.

Yep, this is a bit different than the normal recommendation to NOT eat to get the fat off.

So how do you do it?

It all comes down to WHAT you eat and WHEN.

Discover more about Lipase-P and the foods that contain it here.

Eat the Fat Off - Diet Program


The guy who put this dietary program together is a good friend of mine by the name of John Rowley. Interestingly enough, he owned the gym that parts of the movie "Pumping Iron" was filmed in! And he's such a good guy, I actually helped him get started in his own online business about 12 years ago.

He put this dietary program to work on himself and achieved fantastic results with it. I've read through the entire thing and I can really see the logic behind it.

Enzymes just in general are critical to the digestive process in your body and in many other bodily functions, including fat metabolism. And enzymes are exactly what's lacking in most of the SAD (Standard American Diet) eating patterns that many people tend to fall into.


The primary focus with this program is nutrition. You can combine it with pretty much whatever training you like and get excellent results.

Honestly, I've found that nutrition is the part that people get most confused about when it comes to fat loss...the exercise side of things is actually pretty straightforward in comparison.

This program covers everything you need to know about what to eat to achieve these fat-eating results.

Learn more about these "fatty" fat-digesting foods now...

If you've been stuck in a fat-loss plateau and you don't know why, this could be exactly what you're looking for.



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