The Best Exercises For Busy Moms

Article By Holly Rigsby
Author of "Fit Yummy Mummy


Busy moms are in need of exercises that are not only convenient but are also quick.

With no time to spare, adding workouts to an already overloaded "to do" list must be compatible to fit the busiest of schedules.

Along with quick and convenient workouts, they must also be effective. Every busy mom is results-driven, so it only makes sense to focus on the workouts that deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time….so I must say "Then STOP Spending All Your Time Doing CARDIO!"

Long cardio workouts (you know the kind- 45+ minute jaunts on the treadmill and hour long elliptical sessions every day of the week) are simply not effective. Not an effective use of your time. Not an effective way to lose fat.

In fact, such cardio-based workouts are counterproductive.


First of all, they take considerably longer than many workout alternatives. Second, they simply do not promote fat loss. When you work out for a long time at a low intensity, you actually become less effective at burning fat.

This is because long cardio sessions actually slow your metabolism. This is the opposite of what you want to do.


What are some busy mom exercises that promote a high metabolism?

Why INTERVALS and Short Burst STRENGTH TRAINING exercises, of course!

I have stressed this point countless times to moms: if you're serious about reshaping your body, you have to start exercising wisely. This doesn't mean that you have to do "more," it means you have to make the most of the time you spend working out. So for many moms, this means working out LESS!

Good news is you don't need much time for workouts that will melt away fat.


Short Burst Strength Training

It's time to reprioritize your workouts. If you want true fat loss and body shaping results you must dedicate yourself to strength training. Now, many busy moms tend to turn right to cardio, thinking that the longer the workout, the more calories it will burn. As explained, this is the least effective method of fat loss.

Strength training is the only form of workout that not only causes your body to burn more calories while your workout but long after your workout has finished. Cardio simply does not have this fat burning power. The only burn cardio provides is your precious time.


It is common for busy moms to avoid anything to that has to do with weights for the fear of "bulking up."

Once again, I have news for you, this is simply not how it works. Not only are women hormonally incapable of bulking up, to create this muscle busting effect would mean one would have to also be consuming close to 3,000 calories a day.

When you approach your strength training for fat loss the right way, the only results you can achieve are inches lost along with a toned, tight and well defined body.

Without strength training, any weight loss you experience will leave you with the same body you have right now - just smaller. So get honest and ask yourself: do you want to lose weight, or do you want to lose fat? Strength training will help you to lose fat and reshape your body in the process.

Don't forget the fact that you are one busy mom! The time you spend working out must be worth your while, not only giving you an effective workout to create fat loss, but leaving you energized in return.

Are you ready to try something different when it comes to your busy mom workouts? Once you realize that strength training is the way to go, you will be able to reach your body shaping results faster than you could imagine!


Interval Training

Intervals are the most effective form of cardio. They are effective because they focus on working out intensity short bursts of time.

To get great results out of your intervals workouts, you don't increase the amount of time you spend on it. In fact, if you can continue working as hard after an interval session, you know that your session wasn't nearly intense enough. The goal is to increase the intensity at which you work, keeping your workouts as short as 10-15 minutes!

Short burst intervals are the perfect busy mom exercise because they are so short! Why on Earth would you continue doing ineffective workouts when you now know the benefits of intervals?


Still, you must keep in mind that neither strength training nor interval workouts will be effective if you neglect your eating habits.

Eating supportively is even more important than working out. Be sure to take the time to assess your current diet, and keep a food log to determine how you can improve it. Incorporate more fresh produce and quality proteins. With a healthy diet and an effective, time saving exercise routine, you will be the busy mom that achieves her body shaping results in no time!


Before I go, I must say that one of the best kinds of busy mom exercises are bodyweight exercises. You can do many strength training moves with just your bodyweight, and still present your body with a great challenge.


Great Body Weight Moves for Lower Body:

1. Reverse Lunge (better for your knees than forward lunge; works glutes and thighs)

2. One-leg squat (incredible for glutes)

3. One-leg deadlift (work both the glutes and the all-important hamstrings)

4. Glute bridge (another fantastic way to sculpt a toned butt)


Great Body Weight Moves for Upper Body

1. Push-ups (a foundational exercise that works the arms, shoulders, chest, and core)

2. Chin-ups or Inverted Rows (a challenging exercise that really builds upper body strength, toned arms and back)

3. Planks/Side Planks (work your deep core muscles and obliques with plank variations, tightens tummy)


You can perform these busy mom exercises anywhere and at any time. Hence, the reason why these are some of the best for busy moms. You do not need equipment like weights or resistance bands, though if you have those things available they do offer an even greater challenge.

While there are many weight loss workout plans available, as a busy mom you simply must make strength training a priority. By challenging your muscles, you can boost your metabolism and triple the fat burn all while reshaping your body.



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